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Mental health implies our thinking, feeling and acts which affect our emotion, behavior, psychology and ultimately our social wellbeing Though many people give concern to the physical health more than mental health, it is equally important for all people in every stage of their life. Mental health is the mirror image of all of our mental performances and activities like performances in productivity, in job, in working place with physical capability, daily functioning, social avoidance and communication with others also. So, it’s necessary for all to identify whether they have any mental problems or not and should try to overcome the problem. There are lots of ways to improve mental performances.

GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP: Sleep plays a vital role in health and mind. Sleeps energize our body, boosts our brain as well as our immune system and helps to reset from the bad emotion, anxiety and depression. Even body and brain remains more active while sleeping. Sleep also increases productivity, improves memory by participating in different brain functions and so improves mental performance. Moreover night sleep is more beneficial than the day time sleep. That means, everyone should try to sleep as much as during the darkness. Many people suffer from insomnia or daytime sleepiness. They hardly can sleep at night. They remain awake till the late night and being exhausted in the morning feel sleepiness during the whole day long. If this disorder continues, that can lead to the loss of concentration and memory. Medication can also help to solve this problem. One can take Tablet. Artvigil 150 (containing Armodafinil) which is used to treat daytime sleepiness and helps to stay awake in the day time. It stimulates brain function and helps a person to improve quality of life by restoring normal habitual sleeping routine. One can also buy Modvigil that also contains Modafinil. Modaheal 200, Modvigil all are the same drugs in their function. But the important matter to keep in mind is all you have to buy from authentic source.

EAT HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS DIET: A balanced and proper diet is important not only for controlling body weight or physical health but also for improving mental health too. There is a wide range of connection of food with person’s mood. A healthy diet should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean protein, proper amount of sodium, saturated fat and added sugar. A balanced diet containing all the essential vitamins and minerals can make a person more alert, active by increasing ability of concentration on different matters.

REGULAR EXERCISE AND MEDITATION: To reduce anxiety and depression, there is a great role of regular exercise and meditation in health and mind. There are lots of benefits of exercise and meditation. It helps to improve attention, lower blood pressure by increasing oxygen flow level in the blood, decreasing stress and makes people more confident. Besides, meditation activates parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible to calm down the entire nervous system of the whole body. Exercise also decreases heart diseases and improves mental performance as well. The best type of meditation is the breath counting breathing practice with a breathing exercise app.

BOOST YOUR BRAIN: There is a deep attachment of mind with brain. To keep mind calm, you will have to boost your brain indeed. You can stimulate your brain functions through many ways. First of all, you will have to take nutritious food to energize the brain. Antioxidants may also be taken. Some games may be the great source of entertainment and brain storming. Playing cards, solving puzzles, vocabulary building make senses to learn new skills that helps to make a person attentive and learner. Those who have a sharp brain with positive learning attitude can easily improve his/her mental performances.

CONTROL BLOOD PRESSURE: We know that, all the important organs of the body like heart and brain gets oxygen and nutrition through the blood flow. If the blood flow fails to maintain its normal limit and thus blood pressure increased we feel various types of symptoms of heart related diseases. High blood pressure causes chest pain, tiredness and increases the heart rate. Even sometimes people become panicked that affects their mental performances too. Keeping a normal blood pressure is very important to improve mental health.

THINK POSITIVE TO BE POSITIVE: Those who wants to keep a strong and healthy sound mind should replace all the negative thoughts to positive one. Positivity helps people to improve mental performance and to achieve mental peace with the rays of hope and sunshine. Optimism and pessimism is the key power behind the success of all powerful people in the world. However the difficulties or challenges facing you are, always try to keep positivity in mind. Even a sick person with positive attitude can be cured faster than any other person. 

BREAK FROM HABITUAL ROUTINE LIFE:  To be stimulated mentally and socially everyone should take a deep breath and take a break from their habitual life that has been stacked in a restricted routine. A long running similar everyday life makes people bored, depressed and sometimes people feel no interest in living life. So, it is important to enjoy life, go for vacations and experience new and challenging adventures to improve mental performance.