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6 Tips to Buy an Authentic Sports Jersey

Sports lovers get frenzied when it comes to buying sports jerseys to show their support for their beloved sports personalities or team. If you’re planning to buy your first jersey, you probably have to learn a few things.

First, you need to distinguish between an authentic jersey and a replica. Remember, many scammers are out there, and you don’t want to spend your money on a fake Lakers jersey. Also, there are other considerations like the fabric, size, style, and type of jersey. 

So, check the following tips to distinguish between a genuine and a fake sports jersey.

1. Check material quality 

First, check for stringy, frayed ends or loose stitching, which could mean the jersey is fake.

Next, look at the perforations. Carefully observe the hole patterns in the material. An authentic jersey will have hole patterns that are difficult to replicate. Therefore, the jersey you pick with too small or big holes can mean you’re dealing with a fake product. 

2. Look at colouring and logo

Attention to the logo can help you distinguish between a real and a fake jersey. You know it is not authentic if you notice uneven sizing or improper spacing of letters. 

Also, to know better, you can compare pictures online. You can see a stark difference in colouring and logo between a fake and authentic Lakers jersey. However, this doesn’t apply to vintage jerseys, as these have faded over time. In this regard, it’s best to rely on the store’s certificate of authenticity.

3. Beware of stock photos

It is better to avoid stores that use stock photos on the website or during their dealings. A genuine seller would not need to do that.

Also, check if they are willing to send you a picture with them holding or wearing it; if they refuse, the seller is not trustworthy. Remember, numerous stores are out there taking advantage of the demand for authentic sports by the sports fans, so be aware every step of the way. 

4. Go for high-quality stores

The selection of stores can be crucial in making the right purchase. So, you should choose a reputable and trusted store.

Several customer review sites enlist offline and online stores selling high-quality sports jerseys. In this regard, following other people’s advice can be quite helpful. This way, you become cautious of not repeating the same mistakes as other customers and remain assured about the product’s authenticity.

5. Don’t be fooled by retail tags

Many new buyers will use retail tags to authenticate their purchases. But you should know that there are fake retailers who have nearly perfected the retail tag name that can even fool the savviest buyers.

The fake jerseys may have tags indicating they are from well-known stores and appear authentic. The reason is that it’s not easy to produce genuine-looking jerseys, but much easier to replicate retail tags. So, you should never take them at face value and always look for proof of authenticity.

6. Do thorough research

It is easy to compare an authentic jersey at home to an online store jersey. But it is not always possible for all. In that case, you can check customer reviews on the websites. You could also speak or visit jersey collectors. Checking jerseys in offline stores can give you an idea about what to expect. Getting pictures of genuine jerseys can also help you compare and contrast. 

Buying a high-quality sports jersey is an investment. Their prices would increase over time and become an invaluable asset. So, it is better to look into every detail and get the best deal for your purchase. Remember, sports jerseys are expensive nowadays, and failing to do your due diligence could lead you to lose several hundred dollars.