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4 ways to market your Thanksgiving sweepstakes on social media

Thanksgiving is a pretty memorable holiday. It represents gratitude, love, and lots of giving. And as an online store owner, you should be incorporating a lot of giving into your business strategy this Thanksgiving. After all, who doesn’t love a good giveaway on a holiday? 

This Thanksgiving, boost your online sales by planning out a special Thanksgiving sweepstakes for your customers. Get them excited about the idea of winning a bunch of special prizes and vamp up your website traffic with a special holiday sale. If you’re worried about how to promote your holiday sale and giveaway, there’s one strategy that’ll never let you down: social media! 

Everyone is on social media nowadays, looking for the best online stores, clicking on interesting CTAs, visiting exciting pages that promise good rewards, and more. And you can use all of that to your advantage. Here’s how:

  1. Announce the sweepstakes through an exciting social media graphic

The first thing you need to do is make the announcement for your sweepstakes. Now before you head on to Facebook or Instagram to make the announcement without a proper plan, hear us out. Remember that the way you announce your giveaway is paramount to how your customers will react to it. 

Which is why you need to plan out your announcement in advance. Decide what you want to say, how you want to say it, and who you want to attract. Based on this information, you need to create the perfect graphic for your official announcement on social media. You can do this using online tools like PosterMyWall, which provides you with a wide variety of social media marketing graphics that you can customize and publish according to the needs of your contest. 

To make the perfect announcement, follow these steps:

  1. Give your sweepstakes a name. Try out something engaging like X Brand’s Thanksgiving Miracle. 
  2. Add a fun Thanksgiving vibe to your announcement graphic. Use fall-themed elements and fun animations. 
  3. Provide all the right information. Let them know what the prize is, how to apply, and more. 
  4. Publish directly to Instagram and Facebook to get your audience excited. 

2. Keep up the Thanksgiving vibe on your social media 

It’s not enough to just make the announcement and expect your audience to remember it and apply. To keep up the hype and have people click on your website, you need to keep up the Thanksgiving vibe on your most used social media platforms. This means posting Thanksgiving related posts and stories after regular intervals on your profiles. You can find a lot of free Thanksgiving posters online that you can customize and use according to your own social media strategy. 

Try out different techniques for posting your Thanksgiving content on social media to avoid being repetitive. You can try out some of the following: 

  1. Reminder posts for your Thanksgiving sweepstakes 
  2. Thanksgiving puns to add a humorous touch. 
  3. Fun facts about Thanksgiving. 

3. Create a unique hashtag 

A unique hashtag is one of the best ways to generate engagement on social media for a particular event or campaign. Come up with a clever hashtag for your Thanksgiving giveaway and post it on your Instagram. Encourage your customers and followers to use the hashtag to show their excitement or talk about their entries for the giveaway. This will not only help create traction for your contest, but will also help you generate some super-valuable user-generated content. Here are some ideas for hashtags you can use:

  1. #ThanksgivingmiracleswithMyBusiness
  2. #ThanksgivingSweepstakesPreps

4. Post behind-the-scenes videos on your story

Just because you’re an online store doesn’t mean you can’t add a human element to your promotional strategy. In fact, doing so is one of the best ways to generate engagement and get people excited about your contest. 

Post stories of your team prepping for Thanksgiving in unique ways. Ask them questions about what Thanksgiving means to them and record their responses to post on your Facebook and Instagram story. You can also use this to encourage your customers to post their own stories with their own responses. This will help you add an emotional element to your promotional campaign, and will help people get all the more excited for what’s to come. 

Final thoughts

Thanksgiving contests are a great way to add some liveliness to a much-loved holiday. And as an online store, you have a whole world of online marketing techniques to try out when promoting these contests, with social media being at the top. Try out these social media strategies to boost traffic on your website this Thanksgiving and turn your giveaway into one of the most profitable campaigns of the year.