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4 new Covid cases reported in Lucknow

Lucknow, March 20 (IANS) Four fresh Covid cases have been reported in Lucknow, which took the total number of active cases to 12.

This is for the first time this year that four cases have been reported in a single day.

The ones who have tested positive include two women in Aliganj, a man in Alambagh and another woman in Sarojini Nagar tested Covid positive.

The four new patients were stable and in home isolation, said health officials.

According to health department officials, a week back around 5-7 cases were being reported daily across the state, but now 12-14 cases are being reported.

On Saturday also, 10 Covid-19 cases were reported, including one in the state capital.

Healthcare officials said that the rise in cases is mainly because of seasonal change and due to mingling of the people following Holi.

However, they said that no one has been admitted to the hospital due to Covid-19 in the last 30 days.

Director of communicable diseases in Uttar Pradesh, Dr A.K. Singh said that viral infections are often seen in this season and the same is happening in the case of novel coronavirus. Also, there may be a slight increase in transmission due to gatherings during festivals.

However, he said, there is no need to worry as most of the people are vaccinated and positivity rate is 1. 64 per 1,000 samples despite testing 60,000 people daily.

“Even those infected have mild or no symptoms and are getting better with home isolation,” he added.

“However, we are monitoring the situation closely in cities like Noida, Ghaziabad and Lucknow where the highest number of cases are being reported,” he added.

Former head of microbiology at IMS-BHU, Prof Anil Kumar Gulati said: “Although Covid-19 is not causing serious infections in normal persons, those with low immunity – diabetics, hypertensives and cancer patients etc might have serious issues. Hence, testing should be increased and the public should start wearing masks and following Covid-19 protocols.”

Dr Abhishek Shukla, Secretary-General, Association of International Doctors, said: “In view of the rise in corona cases, we would advise people to follow Covid protocol. One should avoid close contact with any person whose medical history one does not know. Also, one must not visit crowded places and if it is a must, like going to the market, one must use a disposable mask.”

Till now, Lucknow has reported over 3.16 lakh Covid cases and 2,710 deaths.