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Why is PG for girls a better option?

Accommodation is something very basic and an important factor as well. Imagine coming away from your hometown for work or studies. What is the first thing that your mind will calculate? It’s a place for accommodation, right? If you are looking for the best girls PG, many factors need to be satisfied. Only if every basic need and demand is satisfied, it is ok to shift to your new PG. Rented flats are preferable, but when compared to the PGs, they are less preferred. There are many justifications and reasons why PGs are chosen on a common scale. Some of the important factors that determine the goodness of a PG are safety, cost, security, and many more. Lots of questions arise when you compare a hostel or a flat with a PG. Let us help you in knowing some of the most important factors while choosing a good PG:

Safety and security:

Safety is one of the most vital factors that need to be considered while selecting a second home for you- a PG. Especially when you are away from your home, and are new to the place, safety is something that must make you feel better, and not scary. Choose a PG that has high-security systems and management. Anything can be compromised, but not safety and security, especially while hunting for a PG. So, if you are looking for a PG, put safety and security on your top priority list.


Like any other vital factor, while considering renting a PG, the cost is also an important one to consider. The features from PG to PG may vary in different places. The variation in the room features can result in different budgets. If you think that only basic features are enough for your PG room, it is always well and good. Choose a medium or low-budget PG. If you are looking for some high-level features and specifications, choose a PG that is a step ahead of budget. Budget is also the main factor that plays a very good role in choosing a PG. When compared to flats, PGs are always budget-friendly.

Socialization with the same troop:

Socialization is something that must be followed by everyone, irrespective of where we are from. If you are entering a PG, socializing with people is very important. People are here to help you with any emergency or with any need. So, choose the right PG for you, knowing that you will set people as your friends are chosen families, to help you. Leaving your family and staying in a PG may be quite hard, but having a friend of your same age group or same mindset in a PG will be very much better for you.


What do you expect in a PG, apart from the basic needs? A PG is not just a living place, but also a place that needs to comfort you and make you feel protected, right? Before you sign up for a PG, make sure that all the basic and needed conveniences are present in the place. From food to every basic necessity, a PG landlord will take care of it. So, it is always a big relief. Just make sure you are ok with all the conveniences in the PG. If not, enquire about the issue and sort it out. One way or the other, people at the PG will accompany you and help you. Thus, choosing a PG is an extreme advantage.

Sense of family:

More than all of these, one most important criterion is if you feel ‘HOME’ at the PG. A home is an irreplaceable place for all of us, right? Unfortunately, there comes a time when somehow we are asked to move into a PG. When your heart says, ‘This is Home’, book your PG rooms! There must be a personal or emotional connection to the PG. For some people the fragrance in the PG makes people feel at home there. For some, it is the people who live there. For some, it is totally different. Be sure of what you are attracted to in the PG and if it makes you feel at home.


In conclusion, choosing a PG over any flats or hostel will be the better option. Right from food to every other amenities, a PG will make sure you get it right. In the case of hostels and flats, bills will increase, and the cost of living will also increase. But, in PG, it is the exact opposite way. You can save a certain amount while living in a PG. So, choose Stanzaliving that will keep you comfortable, happy, and most importantly give you a home feel. Let the hunt for PG end today, with the best PG on your hand!