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Why Infants and Children are More Vulnerable to Ingested Toxins – and How to Protect Them

Toxins are found almost everywhere on our planet, and many of them are especially harmful to children. Environmental pollution, pesticides, cleaning products, medications, and even some vaccines expose children to toxic chemicals that can ultimately have various health effects.

How to Protect Children from Ingested Toxins?

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to prevent toxins from entering the kid’s body, which causes various health problems. Environmental pollution and poor nutrition can lead to the accumulation of toxins that can affect various organs in the body. Children are especially exposed to all these toxic substances in the environment and some of the products they consume. That’s why it’s important to keep the house as clean as possible and take care of the food the babies consume. 

There are several steps to reduce exposure to toxic elements: 

  • do not use aluminum pans for cooking
  • filter water for drinking and bathing
  • choose organic food because it’s made from natural elements without pesticides

The last point applies to all the food that is on the kid’s menu – milk formula, snacks for babies, meat products, etc. The point is that food is one of the main elements that take part in forming a child’s body so it’s extremely important to lay down healthy habits and ensure that all the products that enter the body don’t contain any harmful ingredients. Even when a kid starts solid food it doesn’t mean the need to control the food intake is reduced. Contrary – you should be as much attentive as you can.  

The other way to protect a baby from toxins is to replenish the necessary minerals and vitamins. When the body lacks essential minerals, harmful elements preferentially bind to the areas normally occupied by these minerals. Replenishing the body with essential minerals can thus help prevent toxins exposure. Some studies show that probiotics alleviate heavy toxicity. Lactobacillus rhamnosus and L. plantarum, commonly found in probiotic supplements and fermented foods, protect the kids’ immature bodies.

Why are Babies Vulnerable to Toxins?

The reason why children are so vulnerable to toxins is that the body is just forming and after birth, they are no more under the mother’s protection. Children under 3 years old are very sensitive to the environment. Nowadays, environmental pollution is an enormous problem associated with an insufficient waste treatment system. As a result, dangerous elements get into water and soil, accumulate in plants, and get into food products. Completely excluding the ingress of chemicals into the environment is impossible. 

For instance, the main soil pollutants are metals and their compounds, radioactive elements, as well as fertilizers and pesticides (chemicals used to control weeds). That’s why it’s important to trace the origin of each element in the baby food you find on the shelves. 

To minimize the bad influence of toxins, parents need to pay attention to the kid’s menu. Nutrition ensures normal development, contributes to the prevention of diseases, prolongs life, and allows a baby to get used to the natural environment.  Carefully selected products are one of the most important factors determining the kid’s health. Proper nutrition includes the following principles:

  • correspondence of the energy value of the food ration to the daily energy expenditure
  • a balanced ratio of food substances in the diet with a ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates as 1:1:4
  • a wide range of products: a variety of meat, fish, dairy, bread, cereal dishes, snacks for babies vegetables, and fruits, necessary to ensure the chemical composition of the diet
  • correct culinary and technological processing of products to preserve biological and nutritional value, high organoleptic properties of dishes, and high digestibility of food substances 

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