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Why do you need a transport management system?

Running a transport business in the digital era is one of the most dynamic and challenging tasks. The world has become smaller courtesy of the advancements in the fields of transportation. As a reputed firm with a focus on growth in the post-pandemic world, you need to be mindful of the needs and expectations of your clients. The retail sector is being increasingly digitized, and e-commerce operations thrive on the ability of businesses to make safe, smooth, and timely deliveries to their customers. Whether it is B2B cargo or a B2C parcel, customers expect complete peace of mind and accuracy of timelines. As a transport service provider, you need to make sure of that for your clients. That’s where switching from manual operations to a world-class transport management system has become a preferable option.

The monitoring of fleet movement, checking of status for each vehicle, having real-time access to information related to vehicular availability, etc. is almost impossible in manual supervision mode. As a result, for every transaction, query, or booking of load, multiple calls need to be made, and a lot of precious time is wasted. In fact, in many cases, by the time the response comes, the customer might have booked a shipment with some other transporter that proved to be faster than you. That’s where a cloud-based transport management system offered by Ramco can be the game changer for you. Whether you run a third-party logistics business, freight forwarding firm, a courier-express, or parcel business catering to e-commerce players, Ramco’s world-class cloud transport management system would be able to uplift and streamline your business. Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy:

Visibility – Moving from the outdated practice of tracking and tracing every vehicle through phone calls, you would get multi-dimensional visibility starting from booking until invoicing Click here to learn more.

Planning and Optimization – The advanced software comes with a high-performance planning module that is backed by a library of configurable rules and constraints to enable the processing a high volume of booking requests

Navigation intelligence – The integrated GPS will enable accurate ETAs, awareness of weather patterns, and provide turn-by-turn navigation, making your operations smarter and faster

Ecosystem integrations – The TMS will integrate ecosystem components such as Carriers, Customers, Agents, Marketplaces, Telematics, Sensors, and Sorters

Mobile App – The Transport Management System comes with an integrated smartphone driver app that supports booking request creations, approvals, invoices, alerts, and proof of delivery

Capacity acquisition – There would not be any capacity crunch since the system offers a pre-built tendering module to release tenders and accept quotes digitally

Not only that, for large transport enterprises, the software offers various crucial complementary modules that enable further digital optimization of operations. These include:

●       Warehouse Management System to streamline and enhance your warehouse efficiency and accuracy
  • Fleet Management System to boost fleet availability and reduce the cost of operations
  • Hub Management System to handle all Hub, Cross Dock Center & CFS activities
  • Rating and Billing module to enhance the timeliness of deliveries and optimization of operational costs for logistics service providers

Thus, the transport management system proves to be a powerful platform that will give your business a great operational advantage over your competitors. Go ahead and experience the power for yourself!

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