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What to Buy When a Friend Moves House

A friend of yours has just moved house and you want to get them a gift. What do you buy? It can be difficult to decide because you don’t want to clutter their new home or give them something that they don’t want. Don’t worry – this guide is here to help. Whether they are into cooking or gardening, there’s something for everyone. 

Gift Card to a Nearby Restaurant 

If your friend is always busy and never has time to cook, why not get them a gift card to a nearby restaurant? Especially if they have moved to a new area, this will be a welcome treat. They can choose whether to go for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends. Who doesn’t love to eat tasty food that someone else has prepared?

A Houseplant

A houseplant is a lovely way to say “I’m thinking of you” to a friend who has moved houses. It’s also a reminder that no matter where they live, they can always create a cosy and comfortable space. If your friend is into gardening, why not get them a plant that they can pot and care for? Or if they’re not, a succulent or cactus is a low-maintenance option that will still brighten up their new home (perhaps your friend is useless at keeping plants alive!).

A Scented Candle

There’s nothing like a scented candle to make a house feel like a home. It’s also a great way to help your friend relax after a long day of unpacking boxes and dealing with the stress of moving. Choose a scent that reminds you of your friend or go for something calming like lavender. If you don’t know what they like, play it safe and choose a popular scent.

A Photo Album or Frame

Moving house is a big change, and it can be hard to feel at home in a new place. A photo album or frame is an excellent way to help your friend feel connected to their old home, and it’s a nice way to remember all the good times you’ve had together. 

Alternatively, personalised new home gifts are always welcomed by the recipient, and you’ll find lots of options these days. For example, a frame with jigsaw pieces representing each member of the family. Other personalised gifts for those in a new home include doormats, keyrings, and even tea towels.

An Artist’s Sketch of Their Previous Home

If your friend has had a particularly difficult move, perhaps they needed tempting away from their previous home, you can get a picture drawn of their previous home on a platform like Etsy. This will help your friend feel sentimental about their old place while they start to make new memories in their new home. They will still have a link to their old home and don’t need to forget about it, especially if they created many wonderful memories in the property. 

A New Home Gift Basket

If you want to give a more traditional housewarming gift, you can buy a new home gift basket. These usually come with things like scented candles, hand towels, and other household items that the new homeowners may need. You can find these baskets at most stores that sell home goods, or you can order one online.

With this, you have some brilliant ideas for what to buy when a friend moves house. They will be sure to appreciate any of these gifts, and they will help them to feel at home!