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What is the Best: Interior Design or Fashion Design After the 12th?

After you finish class 12th, you have the freedom to go into any field you like. And if you are a person with creative inclinations, there is a world of possibilities out there!

If you love crafting creative visuals, you can take fashion design courses or interior design courses after 12th. Both fields require similar skills but are vastly different in terms of their career paths. While fashion designers and interior designers are both in demand, they belong to two different industries.

So, if you are confused about whether to take an interior design or a fashion design course, this article is for you.

What is Interior Design?

Contrary to popular opinion, interior design is not the same as interior decorating. While interior decorators focus on creating visually appealing interiors, interior designers are responsible for much more. Not only do they create beautiful spaces, but they also need to create a functional environment that serves the needs of the people using those spaces. Thus, it is an amalgam of art, science, and analytics.

What is Fashion Design?

Fashion designing is the art of creating trendy, appealing, and functional apparel. Not only do fashion designers create clothing items, but they also focus on curating accessories like jewellery, bags, footwear, and more.

Since fashion is largely a retail industry, fashion designers must always adhere to the consumers’ desires. So, they need to be on top of industry developments and even anticipate trends.

How is Fashion Design Similar to Interior Design?

Interior design and fashion design have some overlapping skills, such as:

  1. Both fields require you to have a creative mindset
  2. You need to have complete knowledge of textiles and materials for both professions
  3. You need to be well-versed in the fundamentals of art, such as colors, lines, and shapes
  4. Both fields rely on technology to create 2D and 3D models of designs

What are the Differences Between Interior Designing and Fashion Designing?

Fundamentally, fashion designers create consumer products. They have better creative freedom but still need to learn the basics of clothing, such as patterns, tailoring, and sewing.

Interior designers work with clients to create and re-create interiors for residential and commercial spaces. Thus, they need additional knowledge of construction, architecture, structures of buildings, and health and safety requirements. They are also restricted by the client’s needs and the particulars of the site they are working on.

The bottom line is that the skill set for interior design is much broader compared to fashion design.

Over to You!

Now that you know the differences and similarities between fashion design and interior design, you can make your decision as per your interests and skill set. Do you want to make a career in interior design after you finish schooling? Enroll in Pearl Academy’s Interiors and Styling undergraduate program. The four-year course is comprehensive, industry-relevant, innovative, and helps you cultivate the business skills you need for a successful career. What’s more, students can get hands-on training and learn from esteemed professionals and mentors. Follow the link to learn about interior design courses after 12th from Pearl Academy.