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What do Endodontists do?

Endodontists are those professionals who specialize in tooth pain, infection, and disease. They have extra training in diagnosing tooth pain and performing root canals( a treatment that entails saving decayed and infected teeth).

What is their area of expertise?

  • Saving teeth- There are specialists in keeping teeth as their primary focus is to treat and diagnose problems inside the teeth; they perform root canals, which prevents the need for a tooth extraction that is painful and sometimes unnecessary. Endodontists Somerville are experts in this. 
  • Tooth pain- There are times when the cause of toothache cannot be determined by dentists, the root cause of it can be diagnosed by Dentist Somerville for you, and proper medication and treatment can be done to eradicate the issue. 
  • Root canal treatment- One of the primary reasons why your dentist will recommend you to an endodontist when you want a root canal is because they perform 25 surgeries per week than an average dentist who does 2 per week, they have more experience and knowledge, to ensure success in the surgery. 

What are the educational qualifications of an Endodontist? 

Endodontists have the same educational qualifications as dentists, they have two-three years of additional training beyond the dental clinic, and they study and receive MSc in Dentistry; their specialty training is in diagnosing and treating tooth pain. 

This includes-

  • Four years in Dental school.
  • Postgraduate residency for two to three years.
  • To get certified by the American Board of Endodontics exam has to be given, although it is optional. 

Reason to see an endodontist 

Your dentist will refer you to an Endodontist when the following situation prevails- 

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold stuff and Tooth ache- When you have this issue, an Endodontist can find the root cause of it and do the necessary treatments that are required to ease this discomfort. Endodontics Treatment Somerville has a first-class facility to assist you with all your dental woes.
  • Infection- Bacterial infection is one of the common reasons to see an endodontist; sometimes, small openings caused by tooth decay result in bacteria entering the pulp of the tooth, which causes pain.
  • Injury- If your tooth gets knocked out, broken, injured, or dislodged from the socket, they can put it back and stabilize it and perform a root canal occasionally to keep it in good shape. 
  • Fractured- If the tooth is fractured or chipped, and a large section of the tooth is missing, it can be an entry for bacteria in the pulp of the teeth; a root canal can close these gaps and prevent this. One more reason to visit an Endodontist. 

What to expect when getting a root canal?

An endodontist performs the root canal; it is their area of expertise; firstly, you will be given a local anesthetic, then a dental dam will be placed around the tooth, then the crown will be opened, and the bacteria are removed, then it is cleaned, shaped and enlarged the root canal. 

The root canal is filled with a rubber-like substance that is like a bandage; then the tooth filling is done; after this procedure, mild pain will persist, and pain relievers can help to ease it. The permanent filling will be done later by the endodontists.