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Top 9 Reasons Why It’s Never a Good Idea to Skip Breakfast

Out of all the meals to eat in a day, breakfast is considered the most important one. While the debate in the nutrition world is still ongoing, with some saying it is and some not, skipping meals (especially breakfast) has become a popular part of today’s modern life. From work meetings and traffic to oversleeping, people find enough reasons to justify them skipping it. 

Many don’t realize that, like coffee, breakfast is a great way to start the day. While just coffee is enough for some, a table filled with plates of pancakes, eggs, or anything born out of healthy or sweet breakfast ideas can help jumpstart your day – and this includes your metabolism. Believe it or not, there are plenty of reasons why it’s never a good idea to skip or skimp breakfast. If you want to find out more, then please continue reading. 

History of Breakfast

Did you know that the term “breakfast” came from two words, break and fast? To go without food is what fast means and not high speed. So in the case of “breakfast,” it indicates breaking the previous night’s fasting. This meal has become a regular part of everybody’s daily routine. However, it wasn’t always the case. In the past, breakfast was considered a luxury for the rich. And for poor people or laborers, it was necessary to keep their energy going for that morning’s labor tasks. 

It eventually became a part of people’s first thing in the morning routine once they set their work schedule. Today, a typical breakfast meal varies per household and country. Some like to eat a hearty and complete meal. Like most modern people, others prefer a quick meal that may or may not include a giant-size coffee and granola bar or something quick and easy to eat on their way to work. Some even choose to skip it in favor of brunch. A meal consumed later in the morning is a combination of a late breakfast and early lunch. 

9 Reasons to Always Eat Your Breakfast

We’ve come to the part where the top reasons why it’s vital to always eat breakfast every morning are discussed. You might be surprised at some of the reasons listed below. 

  1.  Refuels your body daily

Since the previous night’s dinner, your body has been without any sustenance for almost half a day. Of course, this depends on when you last ate and the hours you’ve slept. You might even wake up with your tummy making sounds, indicating that you’re hungry. It’s important to eat because your body will be able to replenish the nutrients it lost when you were sleeping. 

  1. Calories are burned

People who are dieting and trying to lose some weight (or even if they’re not) might find it unbelievable at first. But did you know that eating breakfast can help you burn more calories throughout the day? Your body’s metabolism is boosted by eating first thing in the morning, even if just a little. A large and hearty breakfast, though, keeps you full longer.

  1. Helps in improving memory

Eating the right foods early in the morning has also been proven to help improve both memory and concentration. Glucose levels become stable, which gives people a mental edge, resulting in an improved ability to process information, focus, and more throughout the day. 

  1. It promotes a healthier eating lifestyle

While most prefer to grab a quick bite of granola bars or something advertised to be “nutritional,” nothing beats a bowl full of vegetables and fruits. Plenty of sweet and healthy breakfast ideas are available online. Even if it’s just milk and some whole grains, it fills your stomach and replenishes your body with needed nutrients. 

  1. Affects mood and sugar levels

Everybody knows that an empty stomach is not suitable for the human body. It affects the body’s sugar levels, but it also influences your mood early in the morning – something that’s not good for the people around you. Eating breakfast doesn’t only keep you healthy and alert, but it also keeps you level-headed, calmer, and in a better mood.  

  1.  A great energy booster

A mood boost isn’t the only good reason to never skip breakfast, and it also helps improve and keep your energy throughout the day. Going about your day without this meal can slow down your body, making it quicker to feel tired. Eat foods that are low in carbohydrates but high in fiber, and you’ll see a big difference in your energy that day compared to when you skipped or skimped on breakfast. 

  1. Risks for heart disease are lower

If you’re a breakfast skipper, this is a wake-up call. Did you know that skipping breakfast causes weight gain and can also contribute to a higher risk of developing heart disease? Yes, you’ve read that right. There’s the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and more just from a simple thing – skipping breakfast.

  1. Boosts immunity

Your body’s immunity tends to go down when you don’t eat breakfast regularly. Though oversleeping and a crazy morning schedule might be good enough to forgo the “most important meal of the day,” you’re also keeping your body from maintaining a healthy level of immune cells and fighter or T-cells. Boost your body’s immunity with this meal. 

  1. Good for the health

Like any meal throughout the day, it’s good for your health to eat three times a day at the right time. But they did call breakfast the most important meal of the day because it has desirable effects on the overall health of people, from back then and till now. Eating breakfast is one of the many ways to keep yourself healthy.

Key Takeaway

From all these talks and reasons, one thing is sure, and that is it’s not a good idea not to eat breakfast. It may take some planning and waking up a few minutes early to prepare, though. But see it as an essential meal of the day that makes you healthy and keeps you going for a whole day of work and things to complete.