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Tiril Eckhoff: Biography, Wiki, Husband, Net Worth

Tiril Eckhoff

Tiril Eckhoff is one of the most famous names in the world of sports despite being a part of winter sports. She is a very smart lady, with classical looks. Tiril is a Norwegian biathlete with smart skills to outsmart many in this world. The very fact shows the fact that Eckhoff has everything in her arsenal as far as making things profitable is concerned. She is a very smart lady who knows how to shine and keep on making a great impact across the globe. Let us take a look at the profile of too good-looking Norwegian – Eckhoff.   

Tiril Eckhoff Biography

Tiril Eckhoff is a well-known and super famous Norwegian biathlete. She is a part of team Fossum IF. Born on 21 May 1990, the birthplace of Tiril in Baerum, Norway. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Representing Norwegian nationality, Tiril is a part of white ethnicity and Scandinavian roots. Just like several Norwegians, she does follow the Christian religion and does her best to follow the path directed by Jesus. Norwegian cross-country skier Anund Lid Byggland is the husband of Tiril Eckhoff. Her age is 32 years.

Physical Stats of Tiril Eckhoff

Tiril Eckhoff is indeed a special lady with classical looks, standing 5 feet and 3 inches (1.63 m) tall. Eckhoff is a skilled and top athlete. Hence, she mostly looks fit. It does help her to inspire young people in her country. She mostly weighs around 59 kg. Tiril’s body measurements are 34-26-34 inches. Her bra size is 32C. She wears a shoe size of 7 (US). Tiril comes from a very modern background. She does love making tattoos but is not a huge fan of the art. She even does not like cosmetic surgeries and all. However, she is not against the very art.      

Tiril Eckhoff: Childhood, Parents, Siblings, Education 

Tiril Eckhoff was born and bred in Baerum, Norway. She grew up in a very stable family. Thus, she never saw major financial challenges while growing up. Elin Kampenhaug is her mother, while Knut Eckhoff is the beloved father of Tiril. 

Her brother Stian Eckhoff is a famous Norwegian biathlete. Her sister Kaja Eckhoff does also do winter sports – but she has not taken that deep ride of consistency. Tiril did most of her basic education from Baerum, Norway. She is very much connected with her hometown. Tiril always loved academics as well as sports. It made her teachers’ beloved student during school days. 

Tiril did earn her engineering degree from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NIT). It was her dream of her to have a respective degree in her hands.      

Tiril Eckhoff: Love Life 

Tiril Eckhoff is a married woman. Anund Lid Byggland is her husband. They met in a winter sports competition a long time ago. The pair fell in love and saw their future together. They are indeed one of the most famous celebratory couples in Norway. Tiril sees Anund as her only soulmate and wants to live with her for a long time. It shows the fact that how much she loves Anund. 

Tiril Eckhoff: Professional Career 

Tiril Eckhoff is indeed one of the soundest biathletes of all time. She made her Winter Olympics debut in 2014, back in Sochi (Russia), winning the Gold medal. Four years later, they won the silver medal in Pyeongchang, South Korea. She is a two-time Olympic medallist. 

Not many sportspeople can reach the very milestone. At the World Championships, Tiril has won several gold and bronze medals. It shows that she is very consistent in her sport. She started her career with the hope to enjoy winter sports. Little did she know at that time that life will become stunning with her classical skills. She can easily work as a model too – but her love is always there with being a biathlete. Hence, sports fans in Norway do respect her from the bottom of their hearts.      

In the 2014 and 2018 Olympic Games, she won five medals in total four bronze and one gold. It shows her impact at the highest level. She is a very skilled lady who knows how to shine in style ahead of others. In a way, it makes her so special for Norway and its winter sports roots. 

Social Media 

Tiril Eckhoff has over 254k followers on Instagram. She is also very much famous on Facebook. On Instagram, one can see Tiril sharing her family life and professional work. Her life is all about winter sports and family. 

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Tiril Eckhoff is USD 2 million. She is a very rich lady who knows how to earn money and make life stable. Not many know about the line of earning financial stability. She also does charity work here and there. It just helps many unprivileged families. 

Partner – Anund Lid Byggland

Anund Lid Byggland is a decent Norwegian cross-country skier. He is a part of Hoydalsmo Idrottslag and Team Norgeshus. Anund was born on July 17, 1990. He is a famous winter sports star in Norway – but is not as famous as his soulmate. For betting lovers, Anund is a quality man to invest in as he is very much unpredictable. It makes him different in a way too. 

Hobbies, Stats and Trivia     

  • Hobbies of Tiril Eckhoff are picnic, shopping, reading books and swimming.  
  • She is a huge football fan, with English club Manchester United is her favourite club. 
  • Tiril’s beloved colours are pink, blue and black. 
  • Eckhoff does enjoy most cuisines, making her a perfect foodie. 
  • Eckhoff is famous for her skills as a biathlete. 
  • Tiril does like to spend time with his family most. 
  • Paris is her beloved holiday destination. 
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