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Tips on How to properly take care of your Dental Bridge

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When one or more teeth are loose, it may create dental issues such as the disintegration of the jawbone, shifting or drifting of the remaining teeth, and more. The most common solution to this problem is a dental bridge.

 This method is used to fill the gaps caused by missing one or more teeth. The dental prosthesis is composed of false teeth known as pontics and dental crowns at both ends to serve as anchors. These points can be made from various materials like gold, porcelain, alloy, or and can be made from a combination of these. These are placed to restore your beautiful smile without people noticing your missing or damaged tooth.

How Dental Bridges are prepared

For the bridges, Tooth Bridge Highland Park creates a customized tooth with two or more pieces from the artificial teeth to form one unit. It is then anchored with the neighboring tooth to give it a seamless fit and an effective and natural feeling bite. With the right care, your bridges may last up to 10 years and even more if you wear them with full care. 

After dental bridges are placed, it is important to take proper care of them for effective functioning and long-lasting. With proper care, you can develop hidden pockets of decay below the crowns that support the bridge which may lead to instability and expensive repairs.

To take care of the bridges properly, we at Dental Bridges Highland Park have prepared some tips, you should follow to properly maintain and take care of dental bridges.

brush at least twice a day 

Bridges may be artificial replacements but they also need to be taken care of. Both artificial and natural teeth should be brushed twice to avoid the building up of plaque and tartar. A soft toothbrush is a better option as they are not harsh on dental work and teeth.

1. floss daily

Flossing your teeth daily helps in removing the food particles and other items from the teeth and gums which prevents the development of decay and gum diseases.

2. Avoid biting or chewing hard foods and objects

Dental bridges are more like natural teeth but while using bridges, it is important to avoid any pressure by biting hard objects like ice. It can cause serious damage to both bridges and natural teeth.

3. Visit the dentist regularly

Other than a home routine, you need to visit the dentist regularly especially while using dental bridges. They will examine and monitor the dental prosthesis and rest of the mouth before treating any oral problems and help in their best shape, protecting it against any oral issues.

If you dream of having teeth like naturals, we at Dentist Highland Park make sure to give you the best results possible too at an affordable price. If you have any queries, make an appointment with us today for the best and most effective treatment.