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Things to consider before moving to a new house

Buying a house for your family and moving is a major milestone. As big as it might be an achievement, the task is no easy thing. It involves market research and negotiation, several meetings with the real estate agent, securing a house loan, and finalizing the paperwork. If you’re still looking, Texas is one of the best locations to move to. The state offers varied career opportunities and affordable living. However, the endeavor doesn’t by finalizing the location and buying a house; it is just the beginning! 

From packing to unloading and settling in the new neighborhood, there are several prerequisites you need to take care of before you can enjoy living in your new home. With so much to do, it can be overwhelming to manage everything in time and ensure that the house is ready for the family to move in. To ensure an easy transition, we’ve listed a few important things you should do before moving in. 

Declutter and pack

Sorting and packing stuff to move is strenuous and time-consuming; understandably, it should be the first thing to deal with. Chances are that you might find a lot of stuff you may not know what to do with, which calls for decluttering. You wouldn’t want to pack unwanted stuff and add to your transportation costs. You also wouldn’t want to spend time sorting out every single item when you have much more to do. The best option to tackle the situation is to make two piles. First, for the items you want to take with you and secondly, for the items you don’t need at the moment and can be sorted later.

You can move the extra clutter to a storage facility. If you’re in Houston, you can book Big Tex self storage facility and store the extra stuff there until you have time to deal with it. Once you’ve moved into your new house, you can access the storage unit to retrieve or give away your stuff. 

A walk through the new place

After the previous owners have left your new house, it’s best to thoroughly walk through your empty house to cross-check the house’s condition to that promised in the sale contract. It’s important to see what condition the walls, ceilings, doors, and windows are in, whether they need repair or not. Check if the water supply and the plumbing are in good condition. You’d also want to check the power sockets and lighting around the house.

If you want to make any modifications or repairs, it would be best to do it before the family settles in. You must also know where the fuse box and the water valve are in the house, so you don’t have to search for them in an emergency. In addition, you can carry a measuring tape with you and note where and how you would want to place your furniture. Knowing how you’d want to set your house will save you a lot of time when unloading. 

Change the locks

One of the security measures you should take immediately after getting the keys to your house is changing the locks. After the previous owners have left, you’d want exclusive access to your home. Call a locksmith to change the locks, or do it yourself. You can even upgrade to smart locks for better security. 

Install Connectivity and Security System

If you want top-notch security for the family, you can install a system that can be controlled via your smartphone before settling in the new place. You can provide your family with guaranteed safety with surveillance cameras and security alarms. 

Moreover, as soon as your family settles in, they’ll want to access the wifi. Before moving in, install the wifi device, cable, or phone connection. The installation might take a few days, so you’d want to get it done as early as soon as you get possession of the house. 

Deep clean

An empty house gives the perfect opportunity for detailed cleaning. You can start by dusting and scrubbing the ceiling, fans, shelves, doors, and windows, room by room. It’s also important to disinfect the toilets. Clean the cabinets and the countertop in the kitchen. You’ll likely find tons of dirt and debris while cleaning, so keep the floors for the last. Once you’ve cleaned the upper surfaces, you can sweep and mop the floor. Remember, you’d want to target every nook and cranny before the furniture comes in. 

Meet the neighbors

If you’re moving into a new neighborhood, you’d want to explore the area and familiarize yourself with the locals. Be proactive and introduce yourself to the neighbors before settling in. You don’t need to visit each house necessarily, but stopping for a quick chat with the people you meet outside also goes a long way. Not only is it a heartwarming gesture, but you’ll also be able to ask about the community and local services. Your neighbors can share their experiences when they first settled into the neighborhood and what worked best for them. Moreover, if you’ve got kids, you can introduce them to the kids next door, so they don’t feel left out. 


Moving to a new home can be exciting yet sentimental. You’ll be leaving your neighborhood to settle in a new one, making more memories. However, you’ll also have to ensure that the new house is ready for your family. Firstly, you’ll need to thoroughly inspect your new home and ensure everything is in place and functional. If not, do the repairs. Ideally, you should change the locks and install a security system if you wish. You must also ensure that the connections are up and running. Moreover, it is the perfect time to dive deep and clean your house, which will get challenging once the furniture is placed. 

Back home, you’d want to start packing a month before the big day. With ample time, you’ll be able to declutter and sort out stuff you plan not to take with you. Lastly, to make a good impression in the new neighborhood, be the first to stop and say hi to the neighbors, introducing yourself and letting them know you’re about to move in.  

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