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Teeth Whitening: Does it work and is it safe?

No one wants to be marked for their yellowish smile. With age, human teeth tend to go yellowish, and thus smiles become fading. Smoking and aerated drinks can make the situation worse. The teeth whitening in Farmington hills is a safe and trusted service that can work on your yellow teeth to provide a complete makeover.

What are the options for whitening your teeth?

As there are various options for whitening your teeth, you may get confused. The options of teeth whitening can be categorized into 3 different types.

  • Suggested by your dentist for use at home.
  • Administered by dentist.
  • Prepared at home or obtained from the counter without any suggestion from the dentist.

It is always advisable to treat your teeth professionally as they can cause sensitive health issues if overlooked. The teeth whitening services in Farmington hills can guide you with the proper methods.

Professional Treatment of Teeth Whitening

Different treatment methods can be suggested by the dentist that can be applied. The treatment can be done at home with the suggestions of the dentist or can be done in the office of the dentist.

  • Home Treatment- Customized trays can be fitted into your mouth for whitening your teeth. The trays should be worn for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day or, as advised by your dentist, for some weeks. For wearing the tray, a gel can be applied, which smoothens the process and whitens the teeth.
  • Professional Treatment In Office- Professional treatment is helpful and works faster than home treatment. The effect of whitening also remains for a longer period compared to the home treatment. The treatment may vary according to the different problems. Some may take one hour and some may take a few visits. The application of hydrogen peroxide is more effective with the amount used in the office instead of the amount used in homes. Receding gums can also not be treated at home; therefore, office treatment is recommended. 

How Can You Safely Go For Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening dentist in Farmington Hills suggests some safe tips for whitening your teeth.

  • Follow All Instructions Properly- All dental products should be used by following instructions properly. Some need to be used once or twice a week, but some are once or twice a day. All the instructions must be followed properly to keep good oral health.
  • Look For The Approval Seal- The whitening toothpaste and the bleaching products may include the seal of approval. These products have been tested safe and are ready for use in independent tests.
  • Understand Needs Of Your Teeth- You should understand the requirements of your teeth properly. Using whitening products may cause sensitivity in the gums for some people. Though not long-term damage, the sensitivity may cause discomfort. Taking a break from the process of whitening and using a milder product can be the solution in this situation.
  • Visit Your Dentist- When the teeth have yellowed with aging, the bleaching products on your teeth can be beneficial. But if the discoloration goes to gray or brown colors, it may be a sign that you should not avoid. Dentists should be visited immediately as bleaching kits will fail in this condition. The dentist should also take care of cavities and gum diseases before the whitening process. Your dentist can provide the best products suitable for oral health.

How Can You Avoid Stains?

You have gone through the stain removal and whitening process. But do you know the prevention and maintenance process of your teeth?

  • Stain boosters like red wine, tea, and coffee should be avoided
  • When you brush( thoroughly) and floss your teeth every day, your gums are being taken care of
  • Regular dental visits can warn you of future signs of danger and provide the teeth’ current status.
  • Quitting smoking can also help in preventing stains.


The dentist Farmington hills can provide you with the best methods that suit your requirements. Before whitening, you should take care of the gums and other teeth-related issues. When the whitening products are used at home, the proper instructions need to be followed and recommended by the dentists.