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Sushil Singh: Leadership is about improving skills

Sushil Singh

Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh feels that the most important part of leadership is to see a positive change in every member of an organization. With over six years of experience in entrepreneurship, Sushil thinks that follow up is too crucial for making the aroma of an organization aligned.

Sushil Singh: “We, humans, do carry some good and bad habits. Improvement only comes when good habits are being followed and bad habits are being worked on.”

Sushil; the director of three organizations and an NGO, leads over 1,000 individuals. In an interview, he said that seeing an overall improvement in any walk of life is his main objective. The founder of Just Wish openly talked about his vision of motivation recently.

“For a professional, from top to bottom, it is all-important to write down the tasks and see the overall outcome at the end of the day. The very process can lead a person to improve in a bigger and better manner, said Sushil.

Sushil also feels that sometimes taking hard decisions is necessary for seeing a change in attitude.

Sushil added: “I love my employees. However, if I see the very step in making them better, then I will do that with all my heart. They might not like it at the beginning. However, after seeing the improvement, things can be totally different.”

Management is about giving something precious, so the working output should become better generation after generation. It feels as Sushil is a leader who wants to make everyone tenacious for taking the right takes rather than waiting for others to see a light of motivation.

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