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Super cool tech gadgets and features to lift your holiday spirits

New Delhi, June 5 (IANS) As summer vacation enters its peak in India, from planning your voyage and completing your packing list to creating lasting memories, here are some to kick off your vacation the right way with these technology tools.

When you plan to concentrate on a specific activity, you can customise one of the provided Focus options — for example, Personal or Sleep — or create a custom Focus in Settings on an iPhone.

You can use Focus to temporarily silence all notifications, or allow only specific notifications — ones from friends and family, for example — and let other people and apps know you’re busy.

Loved for its thin and light design, iPad Air takes performance to the next level letting you smoothly plan your trip’s itinerary with the Freeform app.

Take full advantage of the 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display to book reservations and use the Weather app to stay updated on important weather information.

With AirPods Pro (2nd generation), Personalised Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking places sounds all around you to create a three-dimensional listening experience, while Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to your ears — perfect for playing your favorite tunes or catching up on the latest shows.

AirTag is a super easy way to keep track of your stuff so you can attach one to your keys and put another in your luggage, and they will be on your radar in the Find My app.

Use Apple Maps to discover great places to eat, shop, and explore in cities around the world with over 2,000 expertly curated guides from respected publishers.

On vacation, you can stay connected with eSIM on iPhone 14, an industry-standard digital SIM supported by carriers and service providers around the world.

eSIM is more secure than a physical SIM because it can’t be removed if your iPhone is lost or stolen.

And, if you’re traveling abroad, you can include international roaming on your plan, purchase a travel pass from your carrier before you leave, or purchase an affordable short-term plan from an international service provider.

One should pack smart with the MagSafe Battery Pack, which has a compact design that makes on-the-go charging easy and magnets to keep it attached to iPhone, providing safe and reliable wireless charging.

With the Reminders app, you can easily create reminders with subtasks and attachments, and set alerts based on time and location.

Get your mind vacation ready and relaxed with the Mindfulness app on Apple Watch (Breathe, Reflect and take a moment for yourself with AirPods Pro) during your flight.

While on the vacation, translate text from photos or videos with Live Text. With quick actions the text detected is actionable with a single tap so you can track flights or shipments, translate foreign languages, convert currencies, and more. You can can also use functions like copy and paste, and lookup.