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Short Round Nails: Learn More About, Ideas, Looks

short round nails

Short Round Nails: Intro

The long nail trend is still going on. People are forgetting the beauty of short nails to be precise. They are not that bad for a good nail look! In fact they are much healthier than long nails as they are short. Chances of short nails getting dirty are way less as compared to long nails. Well long nails can be healthy too when kept clean and bacteria free. But the present schedule of everyone does not give that opportunity or time to invest in the hygiene of their nails. This is where the short nails come in handy. Also most elegant women prefer these nails to look less dramatic and soft. One of the best nail shapes for short nails is round shape!

Let us dive into the world of short nails and fish out the best round nail looks!

Pastel Multicolored Short Round Nails

Pastel colors are all over the internet right now. Especially people who admire and practice cottagecore aesthetic and softgirl aesthetic, these are the holy colors! It is time to include them in nail looks as well. A pink and a blue combination of pastel tones would be perfect for this nail look. Get a baby pink and a sky blue color. Since the nails are pretty short, you can work on your natural nails or get a gel finish. It does look minimal and subtle that way. It is also a better option to have white nail paint in handy to highlight minute details on the nails. Alternate the nail colors onto nails. Then French tip the nails with alternate colors so that blue goes on pink and then pink goes on blue. Add a layer of white close to the french tip.

Short Round Nails

White Chrome Nails And A Heart

Sounds cute right? It actually is! As we are doing round nails keep the corners as soft as possible for that round finish at the edges. It might look a bit square shaped if you do not file your nails properly at the corners. So, be mindful regarding that. Make sure you are also having healthy cuticles. Apply cuticle oil every once in a while for healthy cuticles. It is important to maintain hygiene with nails and around the nails as well.

Once the corners are filed and the excess cuticles are cut down. Do a base coat with a nicer base polish for the chrome nail powder to show up well. Put a layer of white powder onto the nails for a white chrome nail look. Sometimes it can be hard for a beginner to do chrome nails as it is in the powder form and one needs to rub the powder to the precision onto the nails for a perfect chrome nail look!

After the base coat is done, put on some chrome powder over white nail paint and rub it onto the nails carefully without missing any spots. It can look a bit patchy if you are not patient with chrome powder. Later seal the chrome powder with another base coat and draw a cute red heart onto one nail and give the nail a glossy finish!

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