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Precise Tips for Winning the Roulette Game

So far, many experts and players have developed tricks and techniques to be able to win the game of roulette. Even though in the world of casinos nothing is 100% accurate, having a plan and technique can give you a chance to win.

If this is your first time playing roulette, this strategy may not work for you right away. However, by practicing and playing consistently, you can develop a strategy that’s right for you and make big wins.

Before making a strategy, you have to study and dig deeper into the basics of playing roulette. There are several types of roulette variants, but the most popular are American roulette and European roulette. You can also play this variant in online casinos such as Daftar Poker.

Here are tips that you can try to get a higher chance of winning:

Followable Roulette Strategy

There are already many strategies out there to be able to win the game of roulette. Even though there is no strategy that gives 100% victory, this will give you much more chances to win. The strategies that the experts give offer even more opportunities to get better.

Some of the strategies are analyzing the results of your previous games, noticing patterns and using your advantage. Some people may also use a counting system to create their betting structure.

Phased Betting Strategy

This strategy is one of the most popular roulette betting tricks in online casinos. This technique uses a gradual system. Where you have to increase your bet based on the results of the round or even reduce your bet. It all depends on the outcome of your round.

This betting system is divided into two, namely positive increments or negative increments. For positive increments, you should double your bet when you win and decrease it when you lose. Meanwhile, negative increments require you to increase your bet when you lose and lower it after winning.

1. The Martingale Trick

This strategy is more like negative increments requiring you to increase your bet when you lose. So you have to keep doubling your bet until you get a win. After winning, you can only start again from the beginning.

The advantage of this trick is that you can get multiple wins after you get a win and don’t suffer any losses at all.

2. Simple Paroli Trick

This strategy is the opposite of the Martingale trick. In this trick, you double your bet every time you win. However, this trick is very risky, where you can experience more losses than your previous wins.

3. The D’Alembert Trick

This strategy is a more realistic strategy. Where is this strategy, you have to adjust your bet every time you win or lose. The great thing about this technique is its flexibility. Where winning and losing fluctuate, you can also easily avoid big losses by mistake. Apart from that, you can also increase your bet to increase or decrease according to your budget or limit during the game session.

How to win the game at Roulette

Select Table

The first step is to choose a table. There are many types of roulette in online casinos, European and American Roulette being the most popular choices for people. Before playing, you have to calculate the chances of winning and the house edge first. In essence, you have to learn and understand the rules and principles of roulette.

Betting Budgets

Before you play, you must decide how much you want to earn and how much you want to spend for that game session. Never for you to risk more than you can afford. because it could ruin your plans.

Implement Your Strategy

Once you are in the game, you must apply one of the strategies you have prepared. Or you can use the strategies above that you can use to reduce your losses and increase your wins.


To be able to win the game of roulette requires a lot of practice and experience. You can’t just master the game overnight. You also have to prepare your strategy to get a high chance of winning without having to suffer big losses when playing on online gambling sites.