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Kerala transgender couple gears up for parenthood after trans man gets pregnant

Thiruvananthapuram, Feb 3 (IANS) Sahad and Ziya Paval — a transgender couple in Kozhikode — are gearing up to embrace parenthood after Sahad, a trans man, halted his transitioning process to get pregnant.

After long discussions and deliberations, the couple is now expecting their first baby in March.

Sahad (23) and Ziya (21), a trans woman, have been living together for the past three years.

Sahad is an accountant by profession, while Ziya is a dance teacher. They both have undergone hormone therapy as part of their transitioning process.

“When we started to live together three years ago, we thought our life should be different from other transgenders. Most transgender couples are boycotted by the society as well as their respective families. We wanted a baby so that there is a person even after our days in this world are over,” said Ziya.

Meanwhile, Sahad has decided to become a man after the baby is delivered and that process began when ‘her’ breasts were removed some time back.

“Our journey to become trans man and trans woman will continue. I am continuing my hormone treatment. Six months or a year after the delivery, Sahad will also resume treatment to become a trans man,” said Ziya.

The delivery will take place at the state-run Medical College and Hospital in Kozhikode.

The question of breast feeding has been ruled out. Instead they will depend on the breast milk bank attached to the hospital.