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Just Wish: Equality At Its Best!


It is indeed a mark of greatness to make an organization that holds just one motive – making this world a better place for all. Founded in 2017, Just Wish has played a huge role in helping several souls on Planet Earth. 

Sushil Singh; the founder of Just Wish, lived a very challenging life growing up in Mumbai. Hence, after becoming a stable and successful businessman, he probably decides to give it back to society. They have built schools and helped several people in two challenging COVID-19 waves in India. 

These are some of the work they are doing. Taking notes from their Instagram account – @justwishofficial – Just Wish has played a huge role in helping several essential parts of this world. On International Day of Forests (21 March 2021), Sushil said that they will plant 1,000 trees and take care of them. It was a year-long project; however, they did complete it on 26 October 2021.    

In the summer of 2018, Just Wish planned to make a school in Uttarakhand Khand, India. It has helped young students in a small village to have an area to study near their place. In Uttar Pradesh, India, they are making a statue, 151-feet long, of Bajrangbali. The main reason behind making this statue is to provide people hope in these challenging periods. As Bajrangbali exceeds every religious view in India, there is hardly a better aroma to create for increasing confidence. 

Just Wish also plays a direct role in helping people at the time of natural disasters or any other major problems. Hence, they do accept donations too. One can take a look at for more information about this plan. Well, in this brick-and-mortar world, it is indeed hard to think about helping others as life does bring a lot of challenges. However, if somebody is doing it, then it should be respected very well. Indeed, it does make a huge effort to run an NGO. 

To make this world a better place for all, it will take more than an ample number of Just Wish. Otherwise, there are many places where people sleep without eating and there will be more in future. It is all about taking that step that does work very well for birds, trees, animals and all.