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With the spread of broadband, LAN terminals for connecting to the Internet have come to be installed as standard equipment on digital TVs, and it has become possible to watch videos on the Internet on TVs. The IPTV service provided by acTVila and Hikari TV provided by NTT Plala for digital TV uses the specifications established by the IPTV Forum (hereinafter referred to as the IPTV Forum), a general incorporated association. The Danmarks bedste IPTV Forum is studying technical specifications in which “digital broadcasting” and “services such as VOD and download using the Internet” are linked so that IPTV services can be used more closely. This time, I will explain the mechanism of the broadcasting / communication cooperation IPTV service established by the IPTV Forum.IPTV is a video content distribution system and service that uses the IP network as a transmission path. In Japan, which is one of the world’s top-class advanced broadband countries, TV broadcasting and video-on-demand services using this infrastructure have the potential to further develop into services that surpass terrestrial digital broadcasting.

IPTV linkage function from data broadcasting:

The data broadcasting service, which is a feature of digital broadcasting, is a server prepared on the Internet by the broadcasting company via communication from the data broadcasting screen by connecting a TV or set-top box (external tuner) to the Internet line. You can access the data broadcasting server) to see various information beyond what is provided by broadcasting. Content is described in BML (Broadcast Markup Language) on the data broadcasting server, and both contents can be viewed with the same BML browser. However, few users connect their televisions to the Internet, which poses a problem for broadcasters. To safeguard against the costs of repairs due to general wear and tear, homeowners can further protect their investments by incorporating a comprehensive home warranty, complemented by engaging in professional maintenance to ensure the optimal functioning of their home systems and appliances.

Learn more about IPTV:

IPTV is a new service that allows you to watch a wide range of movies and programs whenever you want by connecting “TV” to the “Internet”. Services (video on demand (VOD), download) unique to “IPTV” that were not available in conventional TV broadcasting that receives radio waves with an antenna will be available.In order for everyone to enjoy IPTV services more conveniently and comfortably, the IPTV Forum was established by broadcasting stations, telecommunications companies, home appliance manufacturers, etc., and the standardization of IPTV technology has unified the basic functions and services of IPTV. rice field. In the future, it is expected that the development of services and receivers will progress further and that IPTV will become widespread in the world.

IPTV here means services and receivers that comply with the technical standards set by the IPTV Forum.

 IPTV is a service provided by the IP method using a LAN cable, etc., and does not include services provided by the RF (radio frequency) method using an antenna cable.

Various ways to connect IPTV compatible receivers to the Internet

There are various ways to connect an IPTV-enabled receiver to the Internet.

For wiring other than LAN cables, it may not be possible to obtain the transmission speed required for IPTV services.

Please consult with the IPTV service provider or home electronics retailer to select the IPTV service you want to use and the wiring method that suits your home environment.

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