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How To Use Saffron In Food?

Saffron is a red-colored spice that comes from a flower called Crocus Sativus. Saffron is incredibly delicate and fragrant. The little sweet and opulent flavor is completely mysterious. It is prodigiously amazing and  extremely expensive because one thousand flowers produce an ounce of  saffron.

How To Use Saffron In Food?

There are different and amazing ways to use  Saffron in our food to enhance the taste and aroma. We can use Saffron in many dishes such as; Rice, Curry, Pasta, and Desserts. To enhance the exotic aroma and color of saffron, we must grind a pinch of  it and mix it in warm water with a pinch of salt; this unique method  enhances the aroma manifold. Mongra saffron is another saffron which you can use in the food. 

We can use this water mixture of saffron in 

Biryani, Saffron buttery rice, pulao(pilaf), and other rice dishes to enhance the  flavor. It is also used in sweet rice for flavor and increased aroma. We can add saffron directly to food. There are many dishes in Pakistani and  Indian cuisines in which saffron is added directly and it gives a wonderful smell.

Saffron in Desserts

Saffron can be directly added to desserts and it will increase the fragrance of  food. Saffron can be added to Custard, puddings to enrich the aroma and  taste of our desserts. We can make Saffron Ice cream as well. Does it sound weird? Well it may seem weird but the taste of saffron ice cream is  heavenly. If you have not tried it yet, give it a try. You will like the flavor.

Saffron can be used with vanilla, both these flavors when mixed will give you  an ambrosia food to taste. Add a pinch of saffron in your vanilla dessert and  Everyone is going to ask for the recipe. Saffron can be used by mixing a pinch in warm milk, it increases the flavor  and the taste of milk, and the health benefits of this drink are innumerable.

Saffron in Hot water

One of the easiest and most common ways to use saffron is to add it to hot water. Simply crumple a few dried threads between your fists and slowly infuse them with hot water and milk and you have got your tea. All it takes is heat, water, milk, and saffron.

Saffron with Eggs and Seafood

Saffron can also be used in eggs. There are many people around the globe  who do not like the smell of eggs. Saffron will do miracles for these people  and others as well. Just add a little bit of saffron in your egg recipes and it will totally change the taste and fragrance of eggs. Saffron goes well with seafood also, you just have to add a pinch of it in your  seafood recipe. Sprinkle it on your seafood and it will show you magic by increasing the taste. Kashmir saffron can be consumed in the food. 

Saffron Tea

Saffron Tea is another advantageous recipe and treat for you. Just mix a  pinch of saffron and cinnamon in a hot cup of water, add a teaspoon of  honey and you are good to go. This tea has many advantages for health. It helps in weight loss and helps you get clear skin. Add a pinch of saffron  in a cup of water and bring it to a boil . Now add a teaspoon of honey. This tea is  beneficial for heart and low blood pressure patients.


There are many ways to use Saffron in food. It not only increases the aroma and taste of food but it is widely important for health benefits. Saffron, no doubt, is a magical spice. Start using it in your food from today.