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How to travel and make money on the road, or a creative business

Would you agree to travel at your pleasure to different cities and countries and earn money in the process? I’m sure many would answer in the affirmative. But here’s the problem: no free time, because of your main job. And vacations? Weekends? Spend with the benefit of those two weekends or a week at sea from the clutter of papers, reports, documents, work questions, what taxes to pay, and so on. It will all be necessary, though. But despair early, in this article we will help you deal with it.

And you know the biggest secret is that when you get an incendiary idea, everything else will pull in by itself. It’s a law of the universe. Do we have to argue with it? So, if you want to start earning by traveling, welcome.

What travel is like and what to do on it

Whatever your reason for traveling to another city or country, consider how to combine pleasure and business, or challenge yourself to explore the region for your professional opportunities during your trip.

The most popular types of travel:

  • Tourist trip;
  • An independent trip to another city/country, when you buy a ticket and book a hotel online;
  • A visit to friends or relatives;
  • A business trip, a trip related to professional activities, visiting a conference or exhibition;
  • A photo tour (trips for photography or photography enthusiasts);
  • A study trip (language courses, master classes by professionals who have achieved success in a particular industry);
  • Advertising tours (such trips are organized especially for employees of travel agencies).

    To make the trip effective, look at your “I can do” or “I like to do” list, which lists your favorite activities.

Brainstorm before your trip to determine what your favorite activities might be useful to you and others on the trip:

  • What you can teach;
  • What you can sell/offer as a service;
  • What talent you have that allows you to work remotely from any city or country.

Being a freelancer is great

The most “mobile” professions today are programmers, wedding photographers, artists, writers, designers, content marketers, and other “Internet professions”. People in these professions are not afraid of boundaries – the main thing is to make them and their families feel comfortable.

And then the question is, who is classified as a 1099 employee? Freelancer in the first place. So choose what you like, stop being afraid, start making plans and dreaming, and you will succeed!

Take pictures and take notes

On any trip, even a tourist trip, try to keep professional notes: would you like to hold some event here? A workshop? Borrow some experience? Take pictures of places and sign your pictures. Look around, ask questions, write down contact numbers.

If you don’t take notes, after a while you’ll forget all the useful information about the place you were able to visit. Do not just write things down and put them in a drawer, but immediately form a commercial offer associated with the country to be aware of the order of prices and conditions of services in the place if necessary.

Use the power of weak connections

If you are just going abroad (for example, on vacation), make it known on your social networking pages. Say that you are ready to organize a photoshoot, a family movie shooting, an art project, a romantic date, a symbolic ceremony, an artist’s workshop in one day. Anything!

Describe the product, attach an emotional picture, designate dates, send to potential clients, ask friends to repost. These projects can be free, non-profit projects to begin with. The road to success starts with the first step, so you just have to step forward.

As you travel, actively maintain news feeds on your social media accounts, but don’t fill your feed with only gastronomic photo reports. Publish “selling” posts, just unobtrusively.

Try to talk about your daily movements, post “tasty” pictures. By doing so you will entice your readers, and the next trip will be easier for you to gather customers.

Get to know each other and network

The easiest way to find answers to many questions is to ask a tour guide. Find a guide and arrange for a personal tour. During such a walk you can not only hear the story about the history and sights of the country but also find out all the information that interests you from a professional point of view.

If you do not have the opportunity to hire a personal guide, do not miss the opportunity as part of a group tour or a standard airport transfer to ask you questions.

A more sophisticated way to get acquainted is to find industry professionals or “guides” in another country. Ideally, speaking your native language learning – will help avoid many problems and nuances.

Present Yourself

When you travel, every chance you get, talk about yourself and your business. If you have an iPad or other gadget you can use to show what you do, make sure you do it. Believe me, even if the person doesn’t become your client right away, chances are they will think of you when they need your services.

You can find a lot of cool clients this way in waiting rooms, on planes, on trains, during transfers, and at friendly dinners.

Learn about the hot seasons

The best time for projects and promotions on vacation, of course, is the high tourist season. So, family events – photoshoots and workshops – are most effective during school vacations. If you are going to do business in another country, be sure to clarify when the influx of tourists is expected. Also, find out the top destinations for family trips from your city and offer your services on the road.

Know how to set the table beautifully? That skill comes in handy everywhere.

Don’t discount the low season either. This is usually before and right after the holidays and vacations. Start cooperating with travel agencies. Find the cheapest tours or the cheapest tickets, and offer a joint trip to your friends and former clients.

 Do not just offer the tour, but fill it with interesting events with your participation. The travel agency will be happy and will certainly be able to be useful to you in the future.

Checklist “Seven Steps to a Bright Life”

  1. Start to enjoy and enjoy every moment of life right now.
  2. Put in good hands all the chores that discourage you.
  3. Make a list of the things you enjoy doing.
  4. Start building your life, a new business, a new relationship by incorporating your favorite things into your daily schedule.
  5. Dream, make plans, set goals. The bigger and cooler they are, the brighter your life will be and the stronger your brand will be.
  6. Stop being afraid of being judged, of others being more talented than you. Get up the nerve and take action.
  7. Infect the “cool idea virus” to the talented people around you.

One last piece of advice. Ask yourself the question, “If you had absolutely everything and no longer needed to make money, what would you do?” Your heart will tell you the answer.

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