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How to Prepare Mathematics for CTET Paper 1 2021 Exam?

CTET 2021 is the Central Teacher’s eligibility test that is conducted every year to recruit mass numbers of teachers to government-run schools. The CTET 2021 exam date for the July session has not been announced yet but it is likely to be held at the end of the year.

The CTET 2021 exam is very important for individuals who wish to enter the teaching profession. Getting a high score on this test will make it easier for one to start their career as a teacher.

The test covers a lot of topics under it. It is advised to go through the entire CTET syllabus before you start preparing for it.

Out of all the sections, the mathematics section is considered to be the hardest. People that are weak in months are advised to start preparing this section before moving onto the other sections in the paper. Although this section is a little difficult than the others, it is extremely scoring. A little practice and speed can fetch you very high marks.

You can check out the CTET Mathematics Syllabus online or you can buy one of the CTET books which have the entire syllabus in it.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the CTET mathematics preparation strategy.

CTET Mathematics Preparation Plan

Preparing for any competitive exam can be stressful. You lose countless hours of sleep but you have to keep going if you want to pass the exam with flying colours. These helpful tips will help you stay motivated.

  • Take mock tests

Do not ignore the mock tests. No matter how many times you revise or how many hours you put into practising math nothing will get you closer to the finish line than solving mock tests. The tests prepare you for the actual exam.

You will get an idea about how the exam will be like and as you solve more and more mock tests you will become even more confident in your arithmetic.

You can find many free mock tests floating on the internet. There are several mobile applications that also let you solve mock tests. Do keep in mind that these free mock tests are limited. You may get access to more mock tests if you subscribe or pay some kind of a price.

  • Prepare Pedagogy questions well

The maths pedagogy is extremely important. You cannot skip this section when you are preparing for CTET Maths Paper 1. You should be knowledgeable about the different math pedagogy concepts and theories.

As a teacher, it is important for you to know about the different teaching methods and techniques. Not only that but you must also have the ability to apply this to your classroom. Apart from the teaching methods, you will also be quizzed about the different evaluation methods. Hence you need to have a clear understanding of all the techniques that a teacher must use when teaching a class.

  • Answer all the questions

Some people do the mistake of not attempting a question because they do not know the answer to them. That is a very bad strategy. It brings your overall CTET score down.

CTET papers have no negative marking. So, it is wiser for you to attempt all the questions even if you are unsure about the answer. You never know you have guessed some of them right. You will end up getting a higher score in CTET if you follow this strategy.

  • Read the questions carefully

Examinees are advised not to rush. If you start to solve a question in a hurry you will misunderstand the question. Take your time and read the questions carefully to understand what exactly is the question asking from you.

  • Pace yourself well

CTET exams have a time limit of 180 minutes. If you get stuck at a question you cannot expect to ponder over that question for a long time. Time is precious in this case, if you spend too much time on one question chances are you will end up rushing through all the other questions and in a hurry you are bound to make mistakes.

It is very important to practice CTET mock papers after setting a timer. This way you will be able to pace yourself well. If a particular question is taking you a long time, you can move onto the next question and come back to that question after you have finished the entire paper and you have enough time on your hands to revise.

  • Revise your paper

A majority of us do not revise our papers because we think once we are finished, we do not need to go over them again. But it’s very important that you go through your paper once again after you finish it to find silly mistakes.

A lot of times while we are writing in a flow, we do not realise the mistakes we made. A quick scan will highlight these silly mistakes for you.

Revise NCERT books

NCERT maths book is your new best friend. You should prepare the chapters that are there till the 8th standard. Make sure that your foundations are strong because if it not, you may want to put in a little more time e every day to get your concepts clear. Practising the questions from there will help you get a step ahead of the others.

You can get the NCERT books online or offline. Getting the NCERT books online is better than buying them offline because you can get lots of discounts online.

Go through the previous year’s questions papers

Just like how you went through the previous 10 years paper when you were preparing for your board’s exam in a school in much the same way, you must go through previous year’s question papers to see the pattern of the exam papers and to become familiar with it.

When you are attempting the CTET maths paper, learning all the CTET Maths Tricks will surely cut down the time it takes for you to solve the question and let you finish the paper early.

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