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How To Plan a Party with A Taco Truck

Taco truck catering makes planning an event easy and time efficient. No more having to stress over buying or storing groceries or preparing food for your guests— taco trucks offer a wide variety of tasty dishes, including tacos and other Mexican delicacies. Below is a guide on how to plan a party with a taco truck.

Set a Budget

Come up with a firm budget on the amount of money you plan on spending on the party. With a large budget, you can select food options with expensive ingredients, such as seafood. It may also accommodate different trucks to offer your guests different Mexican delicacies. Select affordable options such as chicken, beef and vegetables if your budget is average or low.

Start by having a precise count of the guests you expect at your party. This determines the amount of food or the number of taco trucks you need for your event. This then helps you establish an accurate budget for your event.

Set aside extra money in case of unexpected expenses. It’s difficult to determine exactly how much will be spent, when there is always a possibility that prices may hike, or unexpected costs arise.

Find a Location

You need adequate space to park the taco truck and leave more room for the party. Analyze and organize the area if you have several food trucks to avoid having them spaced too close.

Leave room for lines and the guests to stand while waiting for the food. Your guests are happier if you leave enough dancing and socializing space.

Always get parking approval from the location manager to avoid legal issues. Make sure that the taco track catering has the necessary permits to operate their truck.

Make an Early Booking

Book your months or weeks before the event to get your desired taco truck. Most food trucks are booked months in advance.

Early booking provides you time to research food trucks with affordable pricing. You have less competition, and most truck managers offer a better deal than booking last minute.

Narrow Down Your Menu

Narrow down your food to two or three options for everything to run smoothly. Taco truck catering has an easier time preparing the meals, and the guests get their food quicker.

Inquire with the taco truck manager about some of their most popular dishes and try them. Select the dishes that you enjoy the most. Research the food options your guests would love for the party depending on their age and other social factors such as religion.

Create Anticipation Among Your Guests

Make sure your guests know you plan to book a taco truck for tasty Mexican foods. Your guests may be more inclined to commit to an event at which they know they will be fed delicious Mexican cuisine! The unique dishes offered give guests something extra to look forward to. 

Getting RSPV’s to your event, with the expectation of food, will prevent excessive food that may turn to waste after the party.

Plan Proper Timing of the Taco Truck Catering

Book your taco truck before serving time for everything to be organized. The taco truck should arrive at the location sometime before the party to prepare everything. This helps the taco truck staff relax and prepare to serve guests when the party begins. Late booking delays when the track arrives with all the guests at the venue.

Hire Help

Hire people to help the taco staff clean up, such as wipe tables and make sure lines run smoothly. The taco truck staff are busy serving and cooking, making it hard to organize the guests and clean up the area. A waitstaff makes sure that all extra details are in order and guests enjoy the food.

Plan a Party With a Taco Track

Book taco truck catering if you plan an anniversary, birthday, or wedding party. It offers an affordable and easy time to organize parties and make sure your guests are well fed.

You need to create a guest count and a budget for your party. This determines the number of taco trucks you need for your event and the meals you select for your guests. Secure your taco truck order early to get a good deal!