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How to Download Kabaddi Fantasy App?

Kabaddi is the game of choice for Indians. Khelchamps offers fantasy Kabaddi games with all the fun of the real thing. The Khelchamps kabaddi fantasy app is a simple process requiring only a few simple steps. Throughout the process, we will assist you in clearing up any questions or doubts you have.

Here are The Steps to Download and Install Kabaddi Fantasy App

You can enjoy some interesting games on your smartphone by visiting the Khelchamps website. It is the right place for Kabaddi fans. You can play Fantasy Kabaddi by clicking on the Fantasy Kabaddi option and following the instructions. Before playing a round of Kabaddi on your computer, you need to choose the best Kabaddi fantasy app and install it.

Android and iOS smartphones can use the app. Visit the Khelchamps website and download the game of your choice. Creating an account is the first step after installing the kabaddi fantasy app. When you play, you must use this account to log in.

Rules Regarding Points in Fantasy Kabaddi Gaming

Playing fantasy Kabaddi on Khelchamps requires an intimate knowledge of the rules. Please find below the Fantasy Kabaddi points rules for your reference:

●     Captains earn 2x points for their players, while vice-captains earn 1.5x points.

●     The player gets 4 points from each of the 7 starting players.

●     A player earns 2 points for each appearance as a substitute in the team.

●     Each player loses 2 points if the opponents force out all the players in the starting 7.

●     Whenever your team pushes each player from the opponent’s starting 7, each player gets 3 points.

●     Four raid touch points are awarded to the players.

●     A raid bonus point is awarded to each player.

How to Play Kabaddi on Khelchamps Kabaddi Fantasy App?

Having a grasp on the fantasy Kabaddi points system, you may consider playing the game. Here’s how to use the Kabaddi fantasy App once you have installed it on your mobile device:

●     In order to join a fantasy Kabaddi league, you need to first select one.

●     You must create your 7-player team once that is complete.

●     One hundred credit points will be allotted to you. Utilizing these budget points prudently is what you need to do in order to form a team.

Distinguishing Features of Kabaddi Fantasy App

Fantasy Kabaddi players enjoy playing it on Khelchamps fantasy Kabaddi because:

●     Fantasy Kabaddi Leagues have been designed to closely resemble the real Kabaddi matches as possible.

●     It is similar to how points are awarded in Kabaddi tournaments that you play in fantasy leagues.

●     Kabaddi enthusiasts have a golden opportunity to try out their skills while also earning some money for the game.

●     All Android and iOS devices can run the Kabaddi fantasy app.

What is Pro Kabbadi League and How to Play?

When you were a kid, did you watch the pro Kabaddi league on TV? The pro Kabaddi league is an event that can’t be missed by Kabaddi fans. The pro Kabaddi league is now available for you to join.

Pro Kabaddi fantasy leagues follow the same rules as the television kabaddi leagues we see. There is a kabaddi tab on KhelChamps where you can easily learn about the fantasy kabaddi contests.

How to Play Pro Kabaddi league?

The traditions of India and South Asia form its roots. With a rich history spanning millennia, Kabaddi is a relatively easy contact sport to learn. There are two halves of Kabaddi matches, each lasting twenty minutes and involving two teams of seven players. It involves teams running cross court to the other team’s half and tagging members of their team, then running back to their side.

A player scores more points for tagging more opposing team members, but if their return to the opposing team is stopped, they do not score!

Rules and prizes for the Pro Kabaddi League?

Just like in Pro Kabaddi Games, there are a number of rules in the Pro Kabaddi League. A player can select the best scorers from their fantasy team for their pro kabaddi teams and win money.

The more you play in fantasy leagues involving pro kabaddi, the better your chances of winning. You have until reorganizing the teams before the pro kabaddi league starts.