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How Do You Know If You Need A Root Canal?

A beautiful smile always requires your teeth to be healthy. But your dental health can suffer due to infections or some unhygienic practices. If you have certain consistent teeth problems, you may need a root canal treatment. 

Earlier, people used to avoid root canals because of the severe pain. But recently, the root canal has been almost pain-free., less time-consuming, and the post-treatment situations are easy to cope with for the patients. 

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canal or endodontic treatment saves the natural tooth by extracting the bacteria from the infected root canal. Mainly the infected pulp is eliminated to make the tooth cleaned and sterilized. This pulp is no longer needed for an adult person. So, in the root canal, that pulp is removed in order to save the tooth and the gap of the canal is filled with biocompatible materials. You can reach out to Root Canal Specialists Carlstadt any day for guidance about this treatment.

When Do You Need A Root Canal?

If you are having trouble with your gum or teeth, there must be some severe problem. You should not ignore that and consult Dentist Carlstadt for a check-up, and they can guide you all the way. Here are some signs and symptoms discussed; if you have any of them, you should get a root canal treatment.

  • Severe pain: Constant pain in your gum and teeth is an alarm that you may require a root canal. If your tooth badly hurts while chewing, the pulp must be infected. This pain can be relieved for quite some sometime but comes back frequently. Many things can cause a hurting tooth, so you should consult professionals from Endodontics Carlstadt for better advice.
  • Discolored teeth and gum: If your teeth appear discolored or your gums are dark or swollen, all you need is a quick diagnosis. This happens as a result of the infected pulp and can be cured by removing the pulp by root canal treatment.
  • Cracked tooth: If you have a cracked tooth, you should get it diagnosed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may lead to a fatal infection in the gums. Then your dentist may suggest root canal treatment to remove the pulp. Even an injured tooth can cause harm to the nerves, and you may require a root canal.
  • Sensitivity: Sensitivity to cold and hot food or beverages is a common problem. But this should not be neglected anyways. Sensitivity is not only a rapid reaction; sometimes, this can lead to a persistent dull ache even after drinking or eating. This situation may need a root canal treatment for the cure. If you have sensitivity, you should consult your dentist at an early stage.

Bottom Line

Root canal treatment is not even a painful process today. You can return to normal life within a few hours after the treatment. So if you need the treatment, You should get it without hesitation for the sake of healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Competent Dentist Carlstadt can provide you with all the required services and guidelines.