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Homeowners Association – A Detailed Guide for Every Homeowner in Glendale 

HOA in Glendale is rising rapidly. They are focusing on new developments, which are happening in Arizona. The benefit of staying in an HOA community is huge. However, there are several restrictions as well due to the ADRE and CC&Rs coming into the picture. Hence, choosing a reliable HOA management firm is equally important to maintain a healthy society.

City Property Management has 40 years of experience in this industry. Their special and unique management service makes the life of every resident in Glendale smooth and easier. You can get in touch with their HOA managers any time as they are available 24/7.

HOA Fees 

HOAs impose fees or charges on all members to pay for property maintenance and repairs in Glendale. The size of the property and the services offered determine the resident’s monthly expenses. The HOA dues are divided between annual fees and reserve funds for unanticipated problems and costly maintenance. 

However, they exclude property taxes, which are owed on both residential and commercial properties. Although HOA fees cover maintenance and community insurance, they are separate from property taxes and do not guarantee cheaper condo fee rates.

HOA Assessment

Homeowner insurance may not fully cover extreme maintenance expenditures, such as flood damage from a burst pipe. Thus, the HOA is accountable for it. Similar problems may be covered by the reserve fund, although it could run out of money or not be sufficient. 

In such circumstances, the HOA may impose a special assessment on homeowners, requiring additional funding above regular dues. 

HOA Rules 

Homeowners who are members of HOA boards organize meetings to discuss issues and voice opinions. Major expenses require more than simply the board’s approval. HOAs manage shared places as well as keep an eye on compliance with the CC&Rs.

What is CC&Rs?

CC&Rs are guidelines for better community life. Compared to government zoning, HOA-imposed agreements protect the value and property’s appearance. While they may vary by community, you can expect regulations regarding approved exterior paint colors, landscaping standards, fence types, window coverings, and limitations on noise-generating equipment or commercial property use.

Upon Violating HOA Rules or HOA Fees 

Lenders take HOA fees into account while evaluating mortgages. Losing money can cause the HOA board to negotiate. Make communication a top priority to prevent missed or delayed payments. disobeying HOA regulations can lead to eviction. 

Falling behind on fees may result in fines similar to those for mortgage payments. Above all, your credit score might get hampered. 

Glendale residents must understand the complexities of homeowner’s associations. Awareness of its advantages, drawbacks, and potential impacts encourages well-planned decisions and promotes peaceful social interaction.