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Gandalf Meme: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch


Lord of the rings fans in the house should make some noise because today the meme topic is Gandalf, the world famous wizard. He makes a confused face in the movie : Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring, which has become the perfect meme template for conveying the feelings of doubt or uncertainty. It’s that scene from the movie when is walking through the mines and recalls that he has no memory of the place. The movie released in 2011 but memes are still being made about Gandalf.

SPREAD OF THE Gandalf Meme

Lord of the rings is one the most famous and well known movie series of the world. The Gandalf meme is hands down the most used meme from the movie : The fellowship of the ring. When the meme first came out, the fans made sure that it spread and become popular, and oh it did. The first source of the meme is Reddit, when a redditor posted a three panel template of Gandalf’s confusion with a hilarious caption which got 1.5k upvotes very soon on the r/funny subreddit.  Soon people started posting the template in reference to various contexts on tumblr and “Quick meme” and it was raining views and likes. On reddit, this template was used for the confusion for the influx of another famous meme template when it became trending & reached it’s peak.


  • When someone says you are a boomer!

        Me : What is a boomer? *confused Gandalf face*

  • When you check your results and you have passed with flying colors

        Me : Am I in a dream? *confused Gandalf face*

  • When someone is having an argument with you and you say

“I have no memory of asking for your opinion” *confused Gandalf face*

  • When you watch inception for the first time

        “What black magic is this” *confused Gandalf face*

  • When you see a long white bearded wizard in a movie

Me : Is this harry potter? The hobbit? Lord of the rings? *confused Gandalf face*

  • When you load up your video game from the checkpoint you played a year ago

        Me : I have no memory of this place *confused Gandalf face*

  • When you study whole night for the history exam but you see the questions are from maths. *confused Gandalf face*
  • When your girlfriend asks you how have you forgotten her birthday

        Me : I have no memory of this *confused Gandalf face*

  • When your Dad asks you about your maths test results

        Me : What test? What is my name? Who am I? *confused Gandalf face*


Memes have been silently acting as the backbone of our mental health by providing us our own laughter zone and comfort. As we grow older, we tend to live life more seriously and forget to live freely. Memes remind us of our good times share happy vibes. Whatever problematic situations may happen in life, we have a meme for every situation which can make dealing with it a lot easier. The more a meme goes viral, the more positivity it spreads.

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