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Five tips to take care of the Ceramic Crown Smile

Crowns are the best way to protect your smile, correct the flaws, and provide strength to teeth that can be damaged for any reason. The reason for the damage can be decay or trauma, crowns are the most commonly used practice as one of the biggest advantages of them is their durability. If taken proper care of, they can last for several years. You just need to follow these five simple steps then your crowns will be always as good as new-

a. Avoid sticky and hard foods

Crowns do need proper care just like natural teeth. Chewing ice or hard candies can cause damage to crowns as they can to natural teeth like cracking, chipping, or even breaking them. If any of these occur, you have to get your crown replaced.

In the same way, sticky food can also cause problems as it will weaken or loosen the crowns as the food will stick between crowns and gums therefore it is suggested to avoid such food. Another thing to remember here is crowns should be prevented from staining as they cannot be whitened like natural teeth. Before getting crowns, you need to get your natural teeth cleaned at Bridgework Somerville so that they can match up with the color of the crowns.

b.  Brush and floss-

Crowns can be artificial, but they still need the same care as natural ones. It is suggested to brush your teeth twice so that sticky plaque can be removed and to keep the supporting tooth underneath can be kept healthy and sound.

Flossing is important for permanent crowns so that food and germs that are caught or trapped between the crowns can be removed. However, temporary crowns need not be flossed as they may dislodge but permanent ones are held strong with cement so they can be flossed. Another thing to remember is crowns can also have completely normal sensitivity issues. So, if you have any, there is nothing wrong with using the paste designed for sensitive teeth which will be prescribed by Teeth Bridgework Somerville.

c. Stay away from bad habits

The list of bad habits given by Dental Crown Somerville is-

  1. biting your nail 
  2. Chewing on the pencil, ice, or any other hard object
  3. grinding teeth because of stress
  4. using your teeth as a tool 

If you do any of the above activities, it is very harmful as they can break your crowns and can break your natural tooth as well.

 Hard objects can cause splinters and can also get stuck between your gums causing breakage. So, if you have any of the above bad habits, it is high time to leave those so that you can have healthy teeth and crowns and can also save you from further investments in new crowns.

d.  Using the night guard 

Some people do have a habit of biting their teeth. They can control these activities while they are awake but a problem arises when they do them in sleep. Some people might think that this is not a serious problem but it has serious consequences. Grinding causes extra pressure on your teeth and crowns which eventually results in a higher risk of breaking of crowns. So, if you have it like this, you can visit Teeth Crown Somerville where you can get a customized nightguard according to your requirement. So, that support can be provided to your teeth to protect your teeth while sleeping.

e. Visit the dentist regularly-

For maintaining the proper health of your teeth, it is important to have proper check-ups and cleaning every 6 months. The dentist ensures that the teeth are properly seated and fitting is proper and that can last for several years.

 At Dentist Somerville we use different techniques and materials to provide proper crowns that are beautiful and durable.