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Doing Business in China: What is the Best Region to Consider for Your Company?

China is a business hub and a powerhouse that is highly revered by investors targeting rapid growth for their firms. So, if the competition is becoming too much back home or policies punitive, it is time to cast your eyes further. China offers an excellent hub that you can use to grow your enterprise rapidly. Indeed, it has all that one would want to grow a business, from a large market to supportive administration. So, do not let the opportunity ebb out: it is time to consider doing business in China. 

Once you make the big decision to expand offshore into China, the exact location of the business is very important. This is something a China PEO might help you to decide. Well, do not make the mistake of thinking that any place in China will be okay. Instead, you should carry comprehensive research to determine the most beneficial place. To help you out, we will list the three best places to base your company in China. 

The Shanghai and Neighboring Provinces   

In China, Shanghai stands out because it is a global hub of finance, innovation, trade, logistics, and technology. Furthermore, it is the most populous city in Mainland China. These attributes make it highly attractive for businesses targeting the urban population or offering solutions to enhance their urban lifestyle. Initially, Shanghai was largely an industrial city, but its face is shifting rapidly. Today, it is one of the best for automobile, fine steel, electronics manufacturing, fine chemical, petrochemicals, and medicine. If you are considering doing business in China in the above areas, Shanghai will not disappoint.

Shanghai is surrounded by Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, which can also be excellent choices for both manufacturing, financial, and real estate companies. Consider using the free trade zones in Shanghai and the neighboring regions to take advantage of the government incentives. 

Beijing-Hebei-Tianjin Region 

In terms of GDP, Beijing is the second biggest city in China. What is even more impressive about this city and region is that it is the seat of government. Also, the city is home to most state-owned organizations. As an investor, this city should inspire you to create strategies for faster growth because it is home to most Fortune Global 500 firms in China. 

As said by Hawksford The most notable attribute of Beijing is the favorable business environment that makes it a magnet for foreign investors. The transport system and telecommunication systems are highly efficient. So, whether you are in manufacturing or software development, this is an excellent point to consider for doing business in China. 

You should also consider taking advantage of the free trade areas in the region and the new Municipal Commercial Bureau that is aimed at promoting faster growth of the city. If your company is in education, finance, healthcare, tourism, internet formation, and professional services, Beijing and neighboring Tianjin and Hebei regions can be an excellent choice. 

Shenzhen and Guangzhou Region 

For most people considering doing business in China, China’s Silicon Valley” (Shenzhen and Guangzhou) is another awesome option. Also referred to as the Greater Bay Region, the region has been moving rapidly up the value chain by developing high-end products in different areas. Guangzhou has cut a name for high-tech manufacturing and automobiles, while Shenzhen is the undisputed leader in modern logistics and global e-commerce. So, if you are focused on imports, exports, or manufacturing of related products, this region will not disappoint.

In this post, we have only highlighted a few of the top locations that you can target in China. Every region has its own pros and cons, and it is important to understand them well before making a decision about the location for doing business in China. Remember that selecting the location is only the first step. Next, you will need to incorporate your company, and it is crucial to work with an expert. Professionals understand the process very well and can help you to overcome all the challenges. They will also be there to help with post-registration services, including payroll, accounting, and filing tax returns.

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