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Delhi to adopts helium leakage detection technology to address contaminated water issue

New Delhi, June 7 (IANS) The Delhi government has decided to employ helium leakage detection technology to easily identify any leaks in the water pipeline.

According to AAP government, by utilising this “modern” technology, the people of Delhi will get relief from the problem of contaminated water.

“From now onwards, there will be no need to dig up roads to identify water leaks in the underground pipeline,” said an official.

Delhi’s Water Minister, Saurabh Bhardwaj, inspected equipment for detecting leaks and contaminated water in the pipeline in the Shahpur Jat area.

Bhardwaj also tested the technology to assess its effectiveness in identifying leaks in the pipeline.

The minister said that complaints about the supply of contaminated water had been received from Shahpur Jat area in the past few days, leading the government to adopt the technology as a solution.

“It should be noted that often drinking water and sewer water get mixed. This problem primarily arises due to leaks in the water pipeline, allowing sewage water to enter the pipeline through the leak,” he said.

Helium gas is introduced into the pipeline, and drilling is carried out at multiple locations. The location of the leak is determined by observing the ascent of helium gas to the surface, the minister elaborated the procedure.

“Thanks to this modern technology, digging is only required at the location of the leak, (thus) eliminating the need to excavate the entire pipeline. The drilling goes up to 400 mm deep… Helium is the least soluble gas in water, making it medically safe and suitable for use,” he explained.