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Dad Joke Meme: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Dad Joke Meme

Dad memes and jokes are hands down one of the funniest materials for memes to make us laugh. They are always shared the most, these memes get very popular easily and everyone can understand it without any major difficulty. Dads are always cool and witty and making memes on this issue about various topics, turns out to be really funny in the end. These memes can be found in every social media or meme platform like reddit, Instagram, snapchat, tumblr, meme world and so on. Dad memes will always have a special place in our heart since we are connected to our fathers and deep down love them no matter how tough they are.


As we know, our fathers will always have special places in our hearts no matter what is there between us and our dads. But what makes this connection even more special are the memes on this relationship. Memes on the father son duo are so cool, witty and share – worthy. Many of us, when grow up lose touch with our dads and hesitate to send a “Hi” because of the awkwardness. But when we try to send a meme to them, especially memes about fathers and sons it helps us and our fathers to bond, lose awkwardness and bring out the “cool dad” side in them. Many memes have also made many people realize the importance of dad son relationship and the importance of their dads in their life. Dad jokes have always been cherished in the meme community and they will continue to be.

Dad Joke Meme


  • You know there is a bad situation when your dad is watching the news while standing up and his hands behind his back.
  • When your dad sees that you have left the light switch on in a room which is empty – I am never going to financially recover from my debts.
  • My Dad running to the petrol pump after petrol prices dropped by 3.7 rupees.
  • Dads putting a piece of bread on their daughter’s hair because she asked if Dad could put a bun in her hair.
  • My dad waiting for everyone to wake up to tell them he woke up at 5 AM.
  • Dad logic: why would anyone go out and party if they could just clean the garden?
  • When your father is yelling at you for being irresponsible in the car on the way to school but you forgot you left your school bag at home.
  • Me when drive my car above 60 km/h. Dad : We are going to die!
  • Me ignoring my mom’s 12 missed calls but picking up dad’s 1 call because he’s dad.


Since 2020, a lot of people are having stress and having a hard time coping up with their mind. We all sometimes feel un-motivated, sad, tension and negative thoughts.

Memes are the best way any individual or group can share to ease the tension and soothe the pain. When a mutual event happens, even a big pandemic, people make memes about it and share it with their group or the world. They can relate to the situation and laugh together. Nothing can go wrong when one tries to spread joy, when one tries to spread memes. They are our internet saviors.

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