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Cong calls protest on Feb 6 over Hindenburg report on Adani

New Delhi, Feb 2 (IANS) The Congress party has decided to hold nationwide district level protests on Monday, February 6, in front of the Life Insurance Corporation office and the State Bank of India office here over the Hindenburg report.

“The government can’t jeopardize the hard earned money of the people of India to profit the crony friends of the Prime Minister.” said KC Venugopal, party general secretary.

He said the LIC has invested Rs 36,474.78 crore in the Adani Group whereas Indian banks together have invested nearly Rs 80,000 crore in the group. They continue to do so even when there are allegations of stock manipulation, accounting fraud and other malfeasance.

The group has lost $100 billion since the Hindenberg report came out.

All the Pradesh Congress Committees have been requested to issue the necessary instructions to the District Congress Committees so that apart from senior leaders, party functionaries and workers, mobilisation from the BCC, Panchayat and Booth level is ensured in full measure.

The Congress is also demanding a JPC probe or an enquiry under the supervision of the Chief Justice of India into the Adani saga, involving hundreds of thousands of crores of public money.

He said that amidst the all round gloom due to unprecedented unemployment, uncontrolled inflation and economic distress, the Modi government was expected to present a budget which addressed these urgent concerns of the people.

“Sadly, the characteristically insensitive and callous government, rather than acting to safeguard the people’s interest and stop the squandering and loot of public money, is still single mindedly bent on helping PM Modi’s friends, blatantly throwing all caution and prudence to the winds,” he said.