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Confluence Pricing vs Miro Pricing 2022

The Confluence web-based software was introduced in 2004 and it can be used for project management, organizing team collaboration, and creating a single source of truth for data. The Miro software is a tool that allows online teams to retain control and creativity over their projects. It has been functioning since 2011 and has kept up with the shifting times to cultivate the latest tools on the app.  

This is the latest Confluence pricing vs Miro pricing details on the basis of the features that you can find on each.  

Confluence Pricing  

The Confluence project management software is a well-reputed product that is used by teams to bring coherence to their files and maintain their integrity. However, different sizes of teams require a distinct set of features so here is a list for your consideration: 

  1. Free 

The first option of Confluence pricing is the free one that has a user limit of 10 members. However, you can still create unlimited spaces and pages to streamline as much information as is necessary. There is a special Macros feature that produces the element of interactivity by letting you attach live updates, reports, or status. You can also rest assured that all the versions of the files are being saved and you do not lose any updates.  

Similarly, the free plan contains a best practice template library to help you start working rather than having to begin all over again. The analytics feature is able to let you analyze the prospects of success.  

  1. Standard 

The standard pricing plan costs around $5.50 per user whereas it can be used to manage 20,000 users. It shares most of its features with the first option but there are some additional advantages to it. Such as, you can bulk archive pages so unnecessary information is out of sight when it is not required.  

You will even be able to access analytics to see the engagement level based on comments and views. When it comes to security and compliance, the standard pricing plan covers the complete range of features including anonymous access, audit logs, and data residency too.  

  1. Premium  

The third option is suitable for those who want more control over teams as well as projects. Priced at $10.55, the premium plan accommodates numerous features to resolve workspace requirements. For example, you will have access to Team calendars, external collaboration, and automation as well. The admin controls are enhanced with admin insights, Sandbox, admin key, release tracks, and copy space permissions.  

The premium pricing plan gives unlimited storage space to users so that you can store all your files in a single space and refer to them whenever it is required.  

To further learn about how you can apply the software, you can opt for a Confluence demo. The demo will guide you how to use features for best practices.  

Miro Pricing  

Miro is considered a dynamic platform to hold conferences, and meetings, make diagrams and share information. Let’s take a look at the five Miro pricing options: 

  1. Free 

In order to support individuals and newcomers, Miro has a free-of-cost plan that also supports unlimited members. Although the number of features is limited, they are still some of the most vital functions available on the Miro software.  

For instance, you can create up to 3 editable boards to keep adding information actively. Similarly, it can be used to access premade templates to digitize your work as soon as you sign up. The free pricing option is also able to support other integrations like Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, and Dropbox. And finally, Miro’s free pricing option will let you maintain basic attention management. This means that you can bring members to specific areas of the board or follow their activity by seeing where their cursor is.  

  1. Team 

The second pricing plan is called teams and it can be utilized to create as many editable boards as you require. Furthermore, since this plan especially focuses on facilitating teams, it also has the feature of giving access to unlimited visitors. The custom templates can be built with the help of your team so that the important features of your project are addressed. You can continue to customize and edit the templates as your business requirements shift.  

You can further maintain project boards and ensure that the permissions are fully checked. And finally, users retain the ability to keep the boards private until they are ready to be shared with the rest of the team. The cost of the team pricing plan is $10.  

  1. Business 

The business pricing plan costs $20 and you can invite unlimited guests if you opt for it. There are some special features that further simplify the collaborative processes. The Miro Smart Diagramming is useful in creating comprehensive and out-of-the-box diagrams with the help of advanced shape packs:  

  • Business Process Modelling Notation 
  • Data Flow Diagram  

The Miro Smart Meetings feature is a wonderful way of exercising control over what the attendees or users see when they are in attendance. In fact, you can also check the features that they can access while being at the conference as well.  

  1. Enterprise  

The enterprise option is useful for users who want the platform to be integrated with enterprise-scale security and compliance tools. There is a higher level of data governance available as well. The integrations are also SEIM-level. In a nutshell, the enterprise option is perfect for larger businesses and firms that require controlled online collaborative spaces.  

  1. Consultants 

The final pricing option is for consultants and it has all the features listed on the team’s option in addition to its own. Bill for $15, it is a private workspace that neither requires a minimum seat number nor has a limit on guests. It offers control over what guests or team members are able to access.

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