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Certificate of Insurance Processing – Why is it a Crucial Document?

As policyholders of a wide range of insurance services in the US, we all know the importance of getting a Certificate of Insurance (CoI) issued. This document is proof of our insurance policy for ourselves and our business. There are several advantages to having a CoI for our insurance policies. They are:

  • The CoI principally adds a layer of protection and certainty to our insurance. It is a stamp of genuineness, an additional document certifying our insurance.
  • This document has all the necessary information and details about our policies. These details are important during various stages of claiming the insurance, as and when the circumstances arise.
  • The CoI essentially protects us against fraud.
  • Lastly, the third-party risk is significantly reduced when you have a certificate of insurance for your insurance policy.

All insurance carriers must issue this document to all their policyholders because of these benefits. An intricate process is involved in giving this crucial document, and its issuance must be done per industry guidelines and mandates. Considering the sheer number of policyholders across the USA, issuing such certificates is extremely lengthy and tedious for such BPO services. It puts a tremendous strain on their resources. It leads us to providers of outsourced insurance services in general and our firm in particular. 

Why Outsource Certificate of Insurance Processing?

Outsourcing services have expert professionals that can take away all the headache and the heartache of verifying each tiny detail of millions and millions of policyholders across the country and doing so meticulously and accurately. We have achieved global acclaim and renown in providing outsourced services in the field of insurance. When you partner with us, your customer satisfaction levels and the rate of claims processing is bound to increase.

Apart from so many other services we provide, our niche service area is that of Certificate of Insurance processing. We have carefully put together a team of professionals who are experts in the field of insurance. Each of our professional staff will carefully verify the insurance details of each policyholder, validate the same, and then prepare an electronic CoI which they will finally disburse electronically.

We spoke about the importance of complying with insurance-related guidelines and mandates earlier. The Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD) is a global body that lays down specific standards concerning insurance and other related financial sector firms. Among other things, ACORD has a standard form and template that the authority issuing the CoI must comply with. We have a team with the requisite skills to do the above faultlessly.

Aspects of the issuance of Certificate of Insurance Processing

Let’s move on to various aspects of the issuance of CoI documents that are available:   

  • Certificate of Insurance Processing:

Outsourcing firms specialize in issuing, receiving, and processing the details needed for the certificate of insurance. Their well-trained, knowledgeable staff do so in a timely and accurate manner and at a reasonable cost. As mentioned above, they follow all templates, forms, and guidelines as per ACORD, ISO, and more to ensure your insurance agency will approve.

  • COI Management:

There is a lot of work to be accomplished whenever we receive a request for preparing the certificate of insurance document. We must manage such requests effectively by coordinating with various parties and institutions and undertaking follow-up communication if required. Again, we do this to the best of our ability and offer these certificates in due time and complete verification of necessary details.

  • COI Process Validation:

This process validates and verifies all components for the various policies and insurance BPO services issued. It means that not only do we handle work in large volumes and get the certificates issued, but during this process, we also identify policies that are fully compliant with various guidelines and those that are not. We flag any non-compliant policy and thereby reduce the risk of uninsured claims. In short, we simplify and make your processes efficient as an insurance firm.

  • Accepting Requests for Renewal/Reporting Compliance:

The database of all insurance certificates helps to keep a track of and honor any request for insurance renewal. Apart from this, the staff undertake a compliance study on all policies and prepare a report of the same. Any policy that is not following various guidelines and mandates will be flagged and followed up on by us. 

It significantly reduces losses and the risk of uninsured policy for the insurance carrier and makes the insurance process more efficient and transparent for the policyholder. As part of the above, upon honoring an insurance renewal request, a revised certificate is also issued by us.


The Certificate of Insurance (CoI) is an additional document that certifies our insurance and serves as a seal of authenticity. This document must be sent to all policyholders by all insurance companies.

By handling the time-consuming processing and issue of your policyholders’ certificates of insurance, your insurance agency won’t have to. Instead, our insurance specialists may tailor our services to your company’s needs.