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Care needed for Dental Implants

Dental implants are for a lifetime. They just require a bit of care and they can be your partner for a lifetime. According to Dentist Implants Glenview, just take a few steps and get ensured that implants stay healthy.

Following are the steps which dentists suggest to take care of your implants:

1. Brush and floss regularly 

After receiving the full implants, the care of them is needed which includes brushing them with soft toothbrushes and flossing regularly. It is easy to floss single implants but when it comes to full dentures you need to ask your dentist to incorporate flossing in the best way possible.

2. Avoid abrasive products 

It is suggested to use mild products on implants. It can be either toothpaste or mouthwash as it may cause extreme discomfort. You also need to avoid intense flavors like mint or cinnamon as they can cause an uncomfortable feeling in the mouth 

3. Attend all your dental appointments

To maintain oral health as well as to avoid other health issues like gum disease, cancer, and TMJ disorder you should book an opointment with emergency dentist in Grayslake,IL as they will make sure that your prosthetics and crowns will look good.

4. Ask your implant doctor about any concern 

The success rate of implants is 100% when taken from knowledgeable clinicians. They may fail rarely, that is the time when you need to contact your dentist immediately. You may face situations like 

  1. swelling around the implants 
  2. implants seem to be loose 
  3. the area of the implant begins to tingle or hurt
  4.  the site smells unpleasant 
  5. Pus coming out from the gums around the implant 

5. consume food suggested by the doctors 

After surgery, the dentist will give you a diet chart in which normally he suggests not to eat hard, sticky, or crunchy food. Just follow this rule for a few months, let the implants stabilize in your mouth and then you can eat whatever you want forever otherwise the implant will take more time to fuse with your jaw bone.

  1. Avoid smoking and alcohol 

The dental implants generally take 6 months to recover so it is suggested not to consume alcohol or smoke during this duration as it slows down the recovery process.

Immediate aftercare tips

There are some points that you have to follow just after taking the treatment as you may experience some pain in swelling over the next 24 hours which according to Dental Implant Dentist Glenview is completely normal. Here are some things which you do after your procedure:

  1. Bite the sponge in the mouth to stop bleeding
  2. Try not to move unnecessarily and keep the head elevated after 8-12 hours of surgery
  3. Hold ice packs in intervals
  4. Consume soft food and beverages for a day
  5. Take your medications on time
  6. Avoid rinsing of mouth for a day 

 The expectation of the best result 

For the best result which is a beautiful smile can be simply achieved by surgery. Thanks to the advanced technology which has made this possible.

If you are looking for dental implants, book an appointment with us today. We, at Dentist Glenview, provide you with the best service and will make sure to have all the comfort possible.