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Can You Increase Your Intelligence?

People are born with different IQ levels. There’s no getting around that. If you’ve ever been around anyone with a sky-high IQ, then you’ll notice how they’re built a little differently. They seem to process things at a different level than “normal” people. But what about intelligence? Is intelligence different than IQ? 

IQ and intelligence are different in that IQ are the smarts you were born with, your innate ability. Intelligence, though, can be learned and developed. Training your memory, constantly learning new things, and exercising your brain, for example, can lead to higher intelligence. With work, you can recall things faster, make decisions better, and work more effectively under stress. 

Are you looking for ways to increase your intelligence? Thankfully, there are things that you can do starting now to see real changes in a short amount of time. Here are some ways that you can increase your intelligence and improve the way that you work. 

Train Your Brain

The first way to improve intelligence is to try! The more your brain works, the better off it will be. Brain atrophy is a real thing. If you sit at home watching TV all day, it’s going to be hard to jump into some complex math problems if the situation requires it. 

Working your brain won’t just keep it where it is, but it will make it sharper. The more you push your brain, the better it will get. Think about where you were five years ago versus now. You’ve probably learned a lot of new things and can do what you used to do much easier. The reality is that we become accustomed to things we learn. Once that foundation is there, your mind is ready for more.

How can you train your brain? Learning new languages, doing crossword puzzles, playing memory games, and other ways to keep our minds engaged work very well. 

Focus on Brain Health

Have you ever been really tired and had a hard time thinking clearly or making decisions? Brain fog is real. Your brain uses up a lot of blood and fuel to do what it does. If you’re not giving it the fuel it needs, it can be hard to increase your intelligence. 

Doing things like getting enough sleep, staying at a healthy body weight, eating the right foods, and taking brain health supplements  like Alpha Brain can all help can all help when it comes to intelligence. The physical and mental are tied together, so for your brain to operate at peak performance levels, you have to make sure that the physical conditions are in place for it to happen. 

Peptides & Intelligence Levels

In scientific terms, researchers often refer to intelligence as cognitive performance. Basically, how well does your brain work? This is not a natural ability but rather how much can you count on your brain to perform when you need it to. 

There is a large body of evidence that points to the benefits of oxytocin related to intelligence. We know that infants, for instance, who have maternal deprivation at an early age receive less oxytocin and it can cause permanent changes in cognitive function. Research in mice shows that the mice treated with oxytocin saw increased hormone levels tied to prefrontal cortex development. They had a better cognitive performance as a result. Oxytocin is a bonding hormone that helps mothers bond with their newborns during breastfeeding. 

Avoid Stress

If you want to keep your intelligence levels high or even increase them, then you should do your best to avoid stress. Some people say stress actually makes them think better, but that’s a fallacy. When anxiety spikes, your brain goes into a sort of panic mode, and intelligence drops. It’s harder to think clearly. Attention and focus can narrow so that you can do something better, but overall intelligence doesn’t increase as a result of stress. 

Take your time with things. Avoid the anxiety spikes that stress brings to keep a clear head when you need to remember things or make important decisions. 


If you’re looking for a way to get smarter, then you should be reading as much as you can. The amount of information you absorb has a direct link to your intelligence. Learning and intelligence happen over time, and the more information that you put into your brain, the more of it you will retain. Reading stimulates every part of your brain. You’re using your creativity, analytical abilities, and more to process the words on the page.

Increasing your intelligence can be done. All you need is persistence and the commitment to set the conditions for your brain to grow and develop.