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Budget 2023 is a no complaint Budget, beneficial to NE India: Industry body

Guwahati, Feb 1 (IANS) The Federation of Industry & Commerce of North Eastern Region (FINER) on Wednesday said that the Union Budget 2023 is a “no complaint Budget” and largely beneficial to the northeastern region.

FINER’s former Chairman and Budget analyst R. S. Joshi said that the northeast region may not have usual mention but that is fine so long the Budget is very liberal in funding infrastructure and socio-economic projects aimed at providing better living to people of the northeastern region.

He said that seeds sown in the fields of Indian economy during last 8-9 years have turned out to be quite resilient and thus could face the onslaught of pandemic and by and large survived, now started bearing fruits for the economy with good potential of delivering even more in time to come,barring unforeseen happenings of scale.

The Budget has outperformed on almost all counts and if say “overdelivered” would not be an exaggeration of government’s firm resolve and confidence in addressing the needs and concerns of all sections of society including burgeoning middle class people, he said.

CapEx all time high, enhanced outlays for socio-economic sectors, equal push for rural and urban economy, balanced push for physical and soft infrastructure and continuation of reforms in a more vehement way and posing faith in all constituents be they farmer, MSMEs, workforce in organised or unorganised sector, businessmen big or small, or women empowerment, Joshi said.

He said a much focused policy initiative was undertaken in the Budget for all round skilling speak volumes for this very courageous virtually last full budget of the second term of the Modi government.

Joshi also said that some areas like the insurance sector and measures for savings need reconsideration.