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Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables

Consumer non-durables, which include apparel and furnishings, are used by everyone. This is a sizable, diversified sector that is resilient. Additionally, extensive education is not always necessary for high-paying employment in the field. The consumer non-durables sector really suits a wide range of backgrounds and levels of expertise.

Since there is a constant need for new goods, there are many options to work in the sector in any capacity, including design, marketing, production, and maintenance.

Marketing Manager: Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables

The task of spreading the word about a product falls to marketing managers. They create and carry out marketing plans that use creative, eye-catching brand ads to target ideal clients through a variety of media, such as websites.

Generally speaking, marketing managers require a bachelor’s degree or above. While many effective marketing managers have degrees in communications or business administration, many major in marketing.

Prior to taking on more responsibility, a lot of marketing managers obtain experience as lone producers. The position requires a skill set based on advertising and analytics. Effective communication abilities are also essential.

Median Annual Salary: $135,030

Creative Director: Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables

Creative directors are marketing sector experts who develop a company’s brand. They supervise every step of the process, from advertising tactics to the first logo or script design for a commercial. They are timely and cost-effective problem solvers with a broad perspective. In order to get more information about their clients and the most effective ways to contact them, they also communicate with them.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in graphic design or marketing is typically required for roles as creative directors. Before becoming directors, the majority gain experience in jobs at the junior and senior levels.

Median Annual Salary : $133,380

Agricultural Lawyer 

Attorneys for agricultural enterprises must hold law degrees, much like those in other legal disciplines. This requires completing three years of law school, four years of undergraduate pre-law coursework, and passing the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and bar test.

Agricultural attorneys secure licences for commercial farmers and guarantee adherence to municipal and federal rules by agricultural manufacturers. They could offer advice to farmers on zoning, eminent domain, labour and employment regulations, succession planning, and other topics. They also offer advice on matters pertaining to: international seed transfer; marketing; land usage; water use; pesticide use; and the environment.

Median Annual Salary (All Lawyers): $127,990

Human Resources Manager

A human resources (HR) manager is in charge of managing the most significant administrative duties of a business, including hiring, paying staff, administering promotions, and setting up training programmes.

Adhering to safety and compliance guidelines

Retention of employees

Additionally, they serve as a conduit for management decisions, disseminating them across the staff hierarchy.

A bachelor’s degree is required at a minimum to work as a human resources manager. A master’s degree in human resources, labour relations, or business administration (MBA) is something to think about, nevertheless, for individuals who want to progress in their HR careers or seek higher-level positions in the field.

Median Annual Salary: $126,230

Chemical Engineer 

Chemical engineers develop new goods and enhance those that already exist. Professionals in this industry typically concentrate on consumables like food, medicine, gasoline, and the like.

A chemical engineer often works in a lab setting and advances technology in the following fields: biology and chemistry,

Higher level mathematics, physics, energy science, medicine, and nutrition.