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Barndominium: Top 5 Benefits of Building One Today

Barns have long been a valuable agricultural structure to many farm owners as it helps shelter animals and store farm machinery, supplies, and more. Depending on its specific use, separate structures are constructed to keep farm products and other things. But did you know that barns can be transformed into a living spaces for humans too? Also called a barndominium, it’s a blend of two terms – “barn” and “condominium.” It refers to barn-style buildings turned into an area for both work and residential purposes.

Although not entirely a new concept, it’s possible it hasn’t reached your part of the world yet. The open-living concept along with the barndominium interior and alternative housing options are just some of its charms that entice people to convert barns or build one from the ground up. In this article, you will find more helpful information, especially if you have been considering living in one.

A Brief Introduction to Barndominiums and Its Origins

For centuries, farmers have combined their barns and living space into one, and yet, it was only recently that it gained traction and became a trend. People may be uncertain of when this trend exactly began, but the term “barndominium” was coined in the 1980s by a real estate developer used to refer to properties with boarding facilities for horses and a living space for their owners. 

Typically made of materials, for instance, steel, metal, and sometimes stones, it’s a housing option where people can combine work and functional living. Two available options if you want to live in one are barn-to-home conversions, and the other is building one from the ground up. The giant open space provides enough room to work and live, making it a better and more practical option. It’s if you’re comparing it to living in a small apartment room in the city. 

Who Should Live in Barndominiums? 

The popularity of this dwelling may be because many can benefit from living in one. 

Large families 

It’s cheaper to build and safe to live in, making it a good idea for large families to reside in barn-to-home conversions or ground-up barndos (short for barn and condos). With the open floor layout, potential owners are presented with customizable floor options that can fit the whole family and still have enough space for a work area. 

Someone who loves open concept floor plans

If you are like everybody else, then you belong to the club of people who like the open concept floor plan for their home. Even with its rustic nature, the tall ceilings and open living areas deliver a comfortable and cozy ambiance. 

Combination of the house and covered work area 

People working in the trade industry will also find it suitable as a work and living space as it provides them the option to open a shop. This is a good idea, especially if the property is in a good location.  

Benefits of Building a Barndominium

Are you still having second thoughts as to why it is worth considering living in barndos? In the list below are some of the many benefits that this dwelling can provide to you, your family, and your purpose for living in one. 

1. Durability

The materials used to build one make durability one of its benefits, especially if metal or steel shells are used. Though wood can be used, it is still susceptible to pests and rotting in the long run. Bardomoniums that are made of metal or steel can withstand great impact and damage and are highly resistant to mold, rotting, and other environmental elements. It gives homeowners the peace of mind that their house can last for a long time. 

2.  Flexible Space

The tall ceilings and spacious area make it easy for homeowners to use and split the space into specific rooms. Instead of putting up walls, the open design can be divided according to your liking. It is also easier to redecorate since there are no walls up, and you can simply put partitions into place to mark where you want a particular room to be. Not only will you be able to save money on the construction, but you can use what you have left for the interior instead. 

3. Cost-effective

Compared to traditional homes where the cost depends on what area of the country you live in, converting a barn or building it from the ground up is an affordable option. The cost will still depend on how big the barn to be converted or built is, including the materials, interior, and others that you’ll be adding in. But you will see that it’s a cost-effective option as you can combine your living space, home office, or commercial outlet into one big area. 

4. Quick to Convert or Build

Depending on how detail-oriented the homeowner is, converting or building one will take faster than a traditional home. Did you know that barndominium kits are available? These kits make the whole construction faster as the structure’s components are already prefabricated, and contractors can put it all together quickly and easily. Most time will be spent pondering on the floor plans, where things will go, and so on. 

5. Energy-efficient

One other plus factor that makes barndominiums beneficial today is that environmentally friendly product are used along with the house materials. It helps cut the occupants’ carbon footprint. Metal roofing can help you save on cooling and energy consumption costs. And with spray foam insulation, you save on heating costs as it reduces the HVAC system’s workload. 

Key Takeaway

Barndominiums may have become popular initially due to a trend, but it cannot be denied that it’s a better and more practical choice nowadays. From all of the benefits mentioned above, it’s a thought that’s worth considering, particularly if you have been wanting to live in a spacious area that’s quick to build and costs less than traditional homes. Make it your residential home or a combination of living space and work area. It all depends on what you want it to be.