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Bank employee thrashed by 2 customers in Gujarat, both held

Nadiad (Gujarat), Feb 4 (IANS) The police have arrested two persons for assaulting an employee at Bank of India’s (BOI) Nadiad branch.

Manish Dhangar is serving as an officer with the Bank of India’s Nadiad-Kapadwanj branch, handling the loan desk.

In his complaint, Dhangar said, “On Friday afternoon, a customer named Samarth Brahmbhatt reached the branch and started beating me. He slapped me three to four times, and even kicked me. When the other staff tried to intervene, Samarth’s friend Parth, who was accompanying him, kicked me.”

According to Dhangar, Samarth was angry with him and the bank because the repeatedly calls were made to him to submit a copy of his house insurance policy.

Samarth had threatened over phone that he will not submit the insurance policy.

Samarth had taken a home loan from the bank. During audit, it was found that the customer had not submitted his house insurance policy, which was required since the house was not mortgaged with the bank.

The police have arrested both accused persons.