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6 easy ways to declutter your home

Is there too much stuff in your home? Are you having trouble maintaining them? If so, you have come to the right place; in this article, you will learn how to declutter your home.

The benefits of a decluttered home are many: easier cleaning, more space for things that matter most, and more welcoming.

If you need help figuring out where to start, the below easy ways can help you with that and, more importantly, make the process smoother.

So, without further ado, let us get straight to the topic.

1.    Rent a storage unit

Storage units are great for storing items you don’t use regularly but aren’t ready to part with yet. They’re also an ideal place to put things that don’t fit in your home, like seasonal decorations and sports equipment. 

You can also store furniture, chairs, sofas, tables, and other large items in a storage unit if they are not in use currently.

In addition, you should also consider getting rid of clothes, books, and other items that are in good condition but don’t need them at the moment. 

The best part is that you can rent a storage unit for about as long as you need—from one month to several years. 

You can find reliable storage facilities in almost every city and state. For instance, if you’re living and looking for a storage unit in Forney, you could easily find a storage unit near you by looking up “Forney TX storage.” 

2.    Declutter in a systematic manner

You shouldn’t take on the task of decluttering your entire home at once. It’s overwhelming, and you’ll probably burn out before you finish.

Instead, try to focus on one room at a time and clear out items that no longer serve their purpose.

To begin with, you should start with your living room.

Next, focus on your kitchen, dining area, study room, and bathroom. Try to keep each room as organized as possible and remove anything that doesn’t serve a purpose.

For example, if you have old magazines lying around in your study room, throw them away or recycle them. Don’t let these items take up unnecessary space in your home.

3.    Use boxes and label them

Whether it is your closet or your garage, you can use boxes to organize your space.

Get a few large boxes and label them with the type of items that belong in that box. You don’t have to be too specific; simply using the categories of clothing, shoes, or toys will be enough.

This will allow you to find what you’re looking for when you need it. The key is ensuring that everything goes back into its box as soon as you’re done using it so your space doesn’t get cluttered again.

4.    Take before and after photos

You might wonder how taking a picture of your mess could be helpful. Well, it can make a big difference.

When you take a picture of your space before cleaning it, you’ll be able to see how much work needs to be done.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the details and lose sight, but as you clean your space, it will become clear how much progress you’ve made.

And the “after” picture will help you remember what it looked like before you started cleaning. That way, if you have to take a break or if something comes up and you can’t finish right away, you won’t feel discouraged because there’s still progress being made.

5.    Include your family in the decluttering process

Remember, the more hands, the lighter the load.

You don’t want to get so overwhelmed that you throw up your hands and say, “I just can’t do this” or “This is too much for me”.

So, it’s crucial to make decluttering a team effort. If you’re married and have kids, let everyone know that you will start cleaning up (and why), explain what needs to be done, and ask for their help.

They’ll be able to help you get things done faster and be your inspiration when you’re feeling overwhelmed or like giving up.

Even if they’re not cleaning, they may see something that needs fixing or organizing and tell you about it so that it doesn’t fall through the cracks.

6.    Think of ways to dispose of the clutter

While removing the clutter, you must also think of ways to eliminate it. If you’re clearing out a closet or drawer, do you have any friends who would want any items? 

Can they come over and have a rummage sale? Or can your children take some things to school for their classmates’ birthdays? Or try selling unwanted items on sites like eBay or Craigslist, where you can make money.

You could also donate items to a local charity or thrift store or find out if a local organization will take them. It will help you clear out your home and allow someone else to benefit from what you no longer need. 

It is essential and important to make use of charity organization when donating your items – as it will show that you are a responsible citizen and wants to contribute to society – that way, you will also feel great and humbled.  


Your home may be your biggest asset, but it can also make you feel overwhelmed if you don’t keep it clean and organized.

Use these tips to help declutter your home so that it becomes a place of refuge instead of a source of stress.

Rent a storage unit if you have too much stuff, use boxes to help you organize your belongings, declutter room by room, clean as you go, and remember to take before and after photos to see the difference it makes.

Disposing of clutter the right way is equally important.

You’ll feel better when you have a home that feels like a sanctuary rather than a burden. So, what are you waiting for? Get to decluttering your home today.