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5 Types of Shot Glasses You Need to Know

There are always shots at parties. Although alcohol shots might seem to be the most basic of things, are you aware that there are so many to them? Also, are you aware that there are various shot glass types?

This article will introduce you to 5 kinds of shot glasses and the drinks that can be paired with them. Brace yourself for this article might make you thirsty!

1. Standard shot glasses

You can find this type of shot glass anywhere: clubs, bars, and house bars. The standard shot glass holds between 1.25 and 1.5 ounces. This makes it very convenient and well-liked at parties. Standard shot glasses are made from any material – may it be from plastic or glass. The bottom and sides of standard shot glasses are thick to prevent any accidental sloshing.

We can’t talk about shot glasses without discussing the timeless shot. Take some salt, a slice or two of lime and your liquor. Usually, it’s tequila but you could also use vodka.

2. Tall shot glasses

The tall shot glasses are both narrower and taller compared to standard glasses. Tall shot glasses may appear to hold more alcohol because of their higher height. But don’t let this fool you because this type of shot glass contain the same amount of alcohol as regular shot glasses, and some even less. This illusion makes this glass great for people who want to enjoy a few shots.

The Witching Hour is a good choice for a tall shot glass. Although it sounds ominous, it is actually quite sweet! Mix dark cacao liqueur with bitters in a glass. Add a dollop cream to top it off. If you prefer something sweeter and more subtle, this is a great way for you to start your night.

3. Pony Shot Glasses

Pony shot glasses are shorter compared to standard shot glass. These shot glasses have a one-ounce volume and can be used to mix drinks in which an ounce is added into a larger volume of another alcohol. Pony shot glasses can also be used for beginners’ shots. They are easier to drink and leave less traces on the stomach and throat.

We know you might be thinking that pony shot glasses are boring, but there are many things to do with them! You can have 2 strong liquors in one glass, as you only have one ounce. The adventurous Onding is a mix of Absinthe and Tequila Blanco that you can experiment with. You shouldn’t drink both liquors simultaneously in large quantities. But if you only have a small amount, it will get you well-tipped in no time!

4. “Cheater’s” shot glasses

Cheater’s shot glasses have a heavier and thicker base than other types. This makes it appear that you can drink the same amount of alcohol as the others, but it is not! The cheater’s shot glasses, like pony shot glasses, have less liquor. This can be useful for people who don’t want shots.

Cheater’s shot glasses only hold about one ounce each so you can enjoy spicier drinks with no overpowering. The Flatliner is a drink made with Sambuca, Tequila Blanco and some hot sauce.

5. Fluted Shot Glasses

A fluted shot glass looks the same as regular shot glasses except that they have a fluting at their base and a flared mouth. Made originally in America, these glasses are to be used for high-quality whiskeys. They are in a sense the fancy counterparts to the standard shot glass.

It is important for you to know the different types of shot glasses so that you will know which type to use for a certain drink. If you are interested in collecting shot glasses, you can buy shot glasses bulkso that you will have plenty of options to use for the party that you are planning!