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5 Reasons You Should Own a Car in Toronto

Toronto is an enormous city with a massive network of infrastructure in place for both drivers and those who opt to use public transit instead. Beyond the easy access to buses, subways, light rail and street cars you’ll enjoy as a citizen of Toronto, the cost of living remains high – and so do the parking expenses.

Considering all these factors, you might think that the best option is to forego car ownership if you live in Toronto. However, if this is your conclusion, you’ll forget that you’ll also miss out on a lot more than car ownership in the city provides. 

Before you make up your mind on whether or not you need to own a car in Toronto, consider the following five reasons why car ownership makes a lot of sense:

Weekend Getaways and Road Trips

Toronto might seem to contain everything you need, but its seemingly endless sprawl can also leave you feeling a little trapped. Any time you want to leave the city, you’re looking at an enormous hassle that will add extra time to your total trip. It isn’t very easy to get all the way out to Pearson airport either. 

Incredible Selection

In a city of almost 3 million people, you get more choices in used cars than anywhere else in Canada. People travelling from all over the country often end up buying a used car in Toronto because they realize they won’t get the same level of choice where they live. With more choices also come better prices.

The TTC Can Be a Pain 

Public transit in Toronto might seem like a good thing when you first arrive from another part of Canada, but you soon learn that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As soon as you experience your first endless wait at a subway station that is experiencing delays or crammed like a sardine in a hot bus on Bloor, you’ll start wishing you’d opted to own a vehicle instead. 

More Access 

Even if you stay in the city, many wonderful places in Toronto are challenging to access without a car. If you don’t drive, it isn’t likely that you’ll visit places like 

  • The Ontario Science Centre
  • Vaughan-Mills Shopping Mall
  • Canada’s Wonderland 
  • The Scarborough Bluffs
  • The Toronto Zoo
  • Toronto Portlands

If you do get to visit these places, the chances are it will be a rare occurrence. While there may be access to some of these locations via the TTC, the long trek will hardly seem worth the effort. 

Drive-in Movies

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, drive-in theatres popped up all over the city to provide residents with a safe way to get out and have fun. As of 2022, the program is still running. The only problem is that you need a car to access these fun movie nights – yet another great reason to own a car in Toronto!

If you’re hesitant about purchasing a car because you live in the city, take another look at the extra fun you can have as a car owner. If you’re still not convinced, try visiting a used car dealer to find out how easy it is to buy a vehicle. 

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