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5 Reasons You Should Invest In A Rooftop Tent

Outdoor adventures are one of the best ways to escape everyday life’s generic chaos and stresses. The great outdoors truly has so much to offer us in terms of physical and mental well-being benefits, from reduced stress and boosted mood to improved sleep quality and everything in between. Spending time in nature is healing and calming.

So, if you enjoy outdoor adventures like camping, fishing, hiking, or any other, there’s no doubt that you’re always on the lookout for things that can enhance your getaways in nature. And if you’ve come across rooftop tents in your search, you might be wondering if this type of tent has anything more to offer than a regular tent. 

Here’s why you should opt for a rooftop tent. 

Setup Camp Wherever You Choose To Stop

Even though there are some areas where you won’t be allowed to stop off for the night due to bylaws, having a rooftop tent will still enhance the number of areas where you can decide to stop for the evening. 

This type of tent allows you a larger range of camping places. 

Finding Level Campsites Is Less Of A Concern

When camping with a regular tent, you’ll need to find a level campsite sport, and this is not always as straightforward. Often, you might find yourself spending a lot of time searching for an ideal campsite.

On the other hand, with one of the best rooftop tents, finding suitable campgrounds won’t be as much of a hassle. Instead, you can find a spot that accommodates your car, which is understandably a lot easier. 

Setup Is Quick And Easy

If you’ve ever found yourself tangled in tent poles and ropes in a frustrating attempt to set up camp for the night, you already know that setting up a regular tent is not all that straightforward.

With a rooftop tent, setting up camp will be a lot easier. Basically, you’ll need to loosen the straps and pop the tent open. This tent typically takes about a minute to set up if you opt for a hardshell or approximately five minutes if you choose a fold-out design. 

A Built-In Mattress Is Included

If you invest in a rooftop tent, there is also a good chance that a built-in mattress is included. Moreover, these built-in mattresses are typically good quality. 

You won’t need to spend time shopping for the right inflatable mattress or camping pad that fits in regular tents, and you also won’t need to roll up your pillow and blankets because you can leave these items inside a rooftop tent. 

Out Of Reach Of Spiders And Other Critters

Lastly, opting for a rooftop tent also means that you will be out of reach of spiders and a variety of other creatures. You won’t be camping on the ground, so it will be a lot less easy for these critters to crawl into your tent. 

Rooftop tents are also more affordable than campers while still offering up similar benefits. 

If that’s not convincing enough to choose a rooftop tent, you will also be above predators, so you’ll be able to get a comfortable and calm night of rest.