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4 Essential skin care tips for a bald head

Sporting a bold bald look is not just about grabbing a head shaver and shaving your head completely. There’s much more to it even after the hairs are gone i.e. post-shave care and maintenance. Once you have taken the plunge and shaved your hair, you have acquired a responsibility to take care of it well. A lot of people often misconstrue that a shaved head mitigates the hectic haircare efforts. Well, that’s not true at all! Although a shaved head can save you from a lot of unnecessary expenses, time, and effort, it does require basic upkeep and grooming. 

Proper grooming and skincare play an important role in looking good and presentable, especially for the bald head people. With the hairs gone, your scalp surface is exposed to direct dust, heat, and light that can make it dry, oily, and itchy. Inadequate care can damage the scalp surface to a great extent that might be irreversible. Bald looks good and stylish only when taken care of and well-groomed. Not many pay attention to the aftercare and maintenance aspect of a bald head. People presume that with a bald head shaver in hand, they can have the most stylish bald hairstyle that will make them stand out from the rest. A bald hairstyle does make you appear more confident, dominating, and masculine given that it’s well styled and maintained. 

Taking care of your bald head is not that hectic but requires consistency. You can’t leave it unshaved or dry for a long time and expect it to shine and look good. Regular grooming and upkeep are important to ensure the scalp is cleaned, moisturized, and in good condition. The shaved dome is the most precious asset that a bald man owns. Neglecting its upkeep and maintenance can impact your appearance and self-confidence. Baldness itself has been a triggering issue over the past years and has made people struggle with looks and lower self-esteem. The rising popularity of bald hairstyles has significantly changed this perception; however, people must be attentive to their shaven heads for being appealing. 

Enough said about the importance of grooming and upkeep, it’s time to look at the ways to care for the shiny bald head. Shaving regularly using a good-quality bald head shaver is a necessity. You can’t afford to leave your head unshaved for very long as it would make you look untidy and not very presentable. In addition to shaving regularly and using proper shaving tools, the following are some essential skin care tips for a bald head: 

  • Moisturize 

Well, this is the most basic and vital skincare that you cannot afford to overlook. Skincare and moisturization go hand in hand, irrespective of the body part. Whether it’s facial skin, legs & arms skin, or scalp skin, moisturization is a prerequisite. A good-quality moisturizer that has essential oils and extracts is sufficient to keep your bald head nourished and glowing. Most importantly, don’t forget to use it every day twice, thrice, or as many times as you want! 

  • Wash it frequently 

Some people avoid washing their heads regularly assuming that it doesn’t require cleaning since the hairs are gone. Well, that’s a common mistake that you should avoid doing. Even though you have no hairs on the head, the scalp might get dirty due to constant exposure to dust, dirt, and heat. Therefore, it is best to wash your head using mild shampoo or cleaner regularly. 

  • Exfoliate 

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells and various particles build-up from the scalp surface. Using a mild exfoliator every twice or thrice a week is sufficient to prevent the piling of dead skin cells that can make your scalp itchier, dry, and smelly at times. Your head will feel smooth, light, and shiny when exfoliated routinely. 

  • Apply SFP – a must! 

We often underestimate the importance of using SPFs while stepping out. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause serious damage to the scalp as it is the most exposed area of your body. Sunburns are pathetic and can make your scalp look aged forever even before you realize it. Hence, make it a habit to apply SPF while going out irrespective of the season, weather, or the place you are visiting. 

Bottom Line 

As a bald man, it is important to ensure that your head is well-groomed and taken care of. Along with taking care of the entire body in terms of physique and health, maintaining the bald head is important too. However, this maintenance is not just limited to regular head shaving using a good-quality bald head shaver. There’s aftercare and most importantly skincare that should be paid attention to. Your bald head requires adequate protection and nourishment to continue looking awesome! 

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