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Tips on how to make an essay and get high marks

During their studies at universities, students need to write a lot of scientific papers and an essay – this is one of the smallest in volume. Often, essay and get high marks the quality of its writing and assessment for it depends on obtaining a test or admission to the exam, so this case should be approached responsibly.

Now we will consider in more detail how to do the essay correctly so that it is “excellent”.

The face of the essay is the title page. On it, we indicate the name of the ministry to which the university is subordinated, the name of the university, research institute, department, course, group, name of the executor, city, and year. All details must be specified by the rules of registration of scientific work, before signing the essay, read them.

Essay design: font, indents, margins. The first thing that teachers pay attention to – is the appearance of your task, and only then its content. The wrong font type, size, and fields are immediately visible, so before you start, we recommend that you read the general requirements for the work essay and get high marks:

  • Times New Roman font;
  • Skittle 14;
  • Line spacing 1.5
  • Margins: top and bottom – 2 cm, right – 1 cm (sometimes 1.5), left – 3 cm (sometimes 2.5).

These rules may change or the university may make its adjustments – be sure to review them. Some teachers catch students on this: they indicate in the manual “special” rules to check whether students are familiar with it.

“Essay plan” or “essay content”. This component of the scientific work is usually placed on the second page and is called “CONTENTS”. Here you need to specify all the locations of parts of the work (introduction, sections, conclusions, etc.) on the pages. All names are uppercase (Caps Lock) essay and get high marks .

The structure of the work is a diagram of what the essay should look like:

  • Title page;
  • Content;
  • Introduction (about 1-2 pages, depending on the total volume of the essay);
  • The main part (Sections, subsections);
  • Conclusion;
  • Appendices (tables, graphs, photos, drawings, which you refer to in the work);
  • References.

How to write an essay: where to start? From the plan! It can be schematic, in the course of studying the sources you can change the items, change their places or add, but you can start from this scheme, choosing the literature.

References. It can be done when everything is written, but at the initial stage, you need to determine for yourself 2-3 sources from which you will draw information, and additional to supplement.

When to write an introduction? The introduction is, in essence, a brief retelling of the content of the work, a description of what is described in detail in paragraphs (sections). Many people recommend that you start writing the work with it to get acquainted with the topic, however, if you are not sure about the plan and there is a possibility of change, it is better to leave writing the introduction at the end or consider the possibility of making adjustments.

Sections. In an essay, usually, all the content is a translation and arrangement of information from several sources, less often – an analysis of the object and a description of the study. In any case: most of this is a well-designed theory.

What to write in the conclusions? Conclusions – this is a favorite part of teachers, when in the sections you retell other people’s thoughts and theories, then you need to write “from yourself”: to summarize, to summarize.

These nine points do not limit the rules, requirements, and tips for writing essays and other scientific papers. In addition, each university and teacher can put forward their requirements and wishes, so the answer to the question “in what font to write an essay?”,” how to design applications?” or “how to order custom term paper” it is necessary to specify also on methodical manuals.

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